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Vibration Damping & Isolation Materials

Polymer Product Solutions

Polymer Technologies is proud to offer a diverse range of products and solutions. Vibration damping materials are just one of the many unique solutions we provide for manufacturing needs.

Our engineers have developed a variety of damping pads and damping sheets. Our dampers are lightweight composites that work hand in hand with our adhesive backings to reduce resonant vibration and the resulting airborne sound.

Our engineers will dissect your problems and develop an unparalleled solution .

Below is a sampling of our vibration damping products:

POLYDAMP® Extensional Damping Pad (EDP)

POLYDAMP® Extensional Damping Pad (EDP) is a lightweight extensional damping composite with a viscoelastic surface and aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive backing, designed to reduce resonant vibration that results in airborne sound. EDP provides effective vibration damping over a broad temperature and frequency range. It is extremely durable, water resistant, and odorless.

 Vibration Damping Pads
  • Weighs 0.40 lbs/ft² at 0.060" thick
  • Temperature Range: -22°F to +250°F
  • Flammability: UL94 HBF; FMVSS-302 
  • Available in combination with POLYDAMP® Acoustical Foams, Melamine Foams, and Barrier Composites for more effective noise control.

Applications typically include any plastic or metal panel in resonance: within engine compartments, enclosures, cab walls, floor and ceiling systems, door panels, and more.

POLYDAMP® V-0 Extensional Damping Pad (EDPV0)

POLYDAMP® V-0 Extensional Damping Pad (EDPV0) is a UL94 V-0 listed, flexible extensional vibration damping material, supplied with an adhesive backing, designed for controlling vibration and noise in products with surfaces that are at or near resonance.

Vibration Damping Material
  • Available in thickness from 0.035" to 0.115" thick
  • Excellent damping performance from 50°F to 120°F
  • Flammability: UL 94 V-0 listed
  • Extremely resistant to aqueous solutions, petro-chemicals, and common industrial fluids
  • Available in combination with POLYDAMP® Acoustical Foams, Melamine Foams, and Barrier Composites for more effective noise control

Applications include any plastic or metal panel in resonance, primarily in appliance and medical equipment where V-0 listed components are required, but also for applications in engine compartments, enclosures, cab walls, floor and ceiling systems, and door panels.


POLYDAMP® ADA is an impregnated viscoelastic material with high quality pressure sensitive adhesives on both sides used to bond two substrates, creating a damped structural composite or constrained layer vibration damping system.

Vibration Damping
  • Weighs 0.40 lbs/ft² at 0.06" thick
  • Temperature range: -22°F to +250°F
  • Constrained damping system performance is much greater than extensional damping
  • Sandwich construction greatly improves transmission loss of any wall system
  • Reduces impact noise
  • Extremely durable, water resistant, and odorless

Applications typically include bus and heavy equipment floors, firewalls, doors, and cabinets.

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Learn More About Our Custom Vibration Damping Applications

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