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Polymer Technologies Inc. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

In the wake of its 25th Anniversary, Polymer Technologies recently purchased the assets of EPSG, a company that specializes in custom shock and vibration solutions. The acquisition of EPSG assets allows Polymer to offer an even greater range of services and products to existing customers and all other manufacturers in need.

This FAQ outlines everything you will need to know about the acquisition of EPSG assets - who will be affected, why the acquisition occurred, and what changes are being made at both Polymer Technologies and EPSG.

If you still have questions after browsing the FAQ, please

For EPSG Customers:

right arrow icon Who is Polymer Technologies?

A leading manufacturer of acoustical and thermal insulation products with a reputation for excellent customer service and technical support. 

right arrow icon Can I still talk to my contacts at EPSG?

Yes. However, now you have more support and contact points with the Polymer Technologies business team.  For order placement you will be assigned a Polymer customer service representative.

For sales support you will now have the Polymer sales team supporting the EPSG team.

right arrow icon Will there be any changes to our purchase agreements or billing arrangements?

No.  Polymer Technologies will honor and support all existing purchase agreements.

right arrow icon Are there changes to the way I place my orders?

No. Calls will be routed to the Polymer Technologies Team and your customer service representative will accept and place your order in the same manner you are accustomed to. The difference is there are a greater number of support staff available.

right arrow icon Are product names and part numbers changing?

No. Other than the company name changing to the Elastomeric Solutions Division of Polymer Technologies Inc., the part numbers and part configurations will remain the same.

right arrow icon We have an NDA.  Does it still stand?

Generally Yes. NDA’s currently in place will be honored, however, we will need to change the company names and update the NDA. Polymer Technologies will be reviewing all current NDA’s and will reach out to the respective companies to update the NDA for accuracy. If you have an NDA with EPSG you can also proactively reach out to .

right arrow icon Why are you changing your name?

The assets of EPSG have been acquired by Polymer Technologies Inc. It was decided that the Elastomeric Solutions Division of Polymer Technologies Inc. better defines our business.

right arrow icon Do you still carry your certifications and other registrations?

Yes.  In addition we can take advantage of the broader quality certifications of Polymer Technologies Inc.

For Polymer customers:

right arrow icon Who is EPSG?

EPSG (Engineered Plastics Solutions Group) is a group of engineers who have extensive technical knowledge and experience in shock, vibration and elastomeric technology.  They have developed an extensive line of commercial and custom isolation mounts including unique rubber and elastomeric compounds.

right arrow icon Will you still carry your vibration damping materials?

Yes. The Polymer Technologies product line will not change.  We are adding the EPSG isolation products to enhance our current portfolio of solutions. 

right arrow icon Have there been management changes at Polymer?

Not really. The Polymer organization has not changed and all personnel remain in their respective rolls.  However, we have added the EPSG team to the Polymer team. Rick Nie is now the VP of Sales of the Elastomeric Solutions Division and he will be working with the Polymer sales team to support the sale of our isolation products.

Erik Larson is the VP /GM of the Elastomeric Solutions Division and with his team he will focus on product development and manufacturing of Elastomeric and Isolation products. 

right arrow icon Can you elaborate on your new products?

The isolation product line consists of hundreds of existing isolation mounts plus the technical and manufacturing capability to custom design isolation solutions for the most demanding applications.

Read more about our Elastomeric Product Solutions.

right arrow icon How do I learn more about your new product line?

You can visit our products section to read more about our Isolation Solutions. If you would like to speak with someone immediately, you can call your Polymer Technologies sales contact to discuss your application and obtain direct feedback. 

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