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Film Facing Materials

Polymer Product Solutions

Polymer Technologies has a history of designing and developing innovative film facings. Our engineering team has created numerous varieties of film facings including fiberglass fabric, vinyl facings, polyurethane films, and polyester films. Not only do our film facings work hand in hand with our other energy management materials, but they enhance the acoustic, thermal, and vibration control properties of our existing products. Our film facings are extremely durable and resistant to environmental forces, and typically accentuate our foams and rubbers.  From tiny medical devices to massive aerospace applications, our film facings have found applications in almost every manufacturing industry in existence.

Whether you’re looking for custom film facings or industry standard film facing solutions, you’ll find everything your company needs through us. Take a look below to see a sampling of the many film facing materials we can provide your business.

Our engineers will dissect your problems and develop an unparalleled solution.

Below is a sampling of our film facings products for a variety of applications:


TUFFYLM® Urethane Film is a tough, abrasion resistant Polyurethane film that resists punctures and tears. It also exhibits good resistance to chemicals and moisture.

  • Tensile Strength (psi) M/mm2 ASTM D882-64: 7000 (48)
  • Tear Strength (lb/in) N/mm: 620 (108)
  • Service Temperature: 40°F to + 300°F


POLYTECH® RAF Foil Facing is an aluminum foil facing reinforced with a glass fiber and thermally fused to an aluminized backing. It is excellent for reflecting radiant heat in 400°F and below applications.

POLYTECH<sup>®</sup> RAF Foil Facing
  • Temperature Range: -40°F to +300°F
  • Corrosion Resistance: No Corrosion after 20 days
  • Flame Resistance:
    • Flame Out: 2 Seconds
    • Afterglow: 2 seconds
    • Charlength: 2.0 inches
    • Flame Spread: 5
    • Smoke Developed: 0


POLYTECH® XRV Facing is a strong, attractive, abrasion resistant reinforced vinyl material that is offered as a protective/decorative facing on various foams. When installed, it is micro porous, which enhances its acoustical absorption properties but at the same time resists penetration of liquids. It is stable up to temperatures of 180°F.

Polytech XRV Facing
  • Colors: Black (B), 383 Green, Grey (G)
  • Thickness: 3 Mils
  • Width (in.): 54
  • Length (yd.): 125
  • Tear Strength (lbs.) MD: 12
  • Adhesion (lbs. /2’’ strip): 10

POLYTECH® Metalized and Clear Mylar® (Polyester)

POLYTECH® Metalized and Clear Mylar® (Polyester) are general purpose polyester films.

  • Tensile Strength (psi) N/mm2 : 25000 (172)
  • Elongation %: 120
  • Tear Strength, (lb/in) N/mm: 1300 (228)
  • Service Temperature °F (°C): 300 (150)

POLYTECH® ALV Pure Aluminum Foil

POLYTECH® ALV Pure Aluminum Foil is a solid 2mil aluminum foil film used where heat is a major concern.

ALV Pure Aluminum Foil
  • Tensile Strength: 27 lbs/in
  • Sheer Adhesion (PSTC-7): 4.4 psi (1/2 x 1/2’’ x 2lbs) RT: Greater than 500 Hours
  • Temperature Range: -65°F to 425°F

POLYDAMP® Protective Fabric (H3304)

POLYDAMP® Protective Fabric (H3304) is a lightweight fiberglass fabric coated with an advanced, fire-retardant polymer coating.  This material is used as an extremely durable, lightweight, fire-retardant protective fabric for a variety of industries including aircraft.

Polydamp Protective Fabric (H3304)
  • Puncture Resistance: 6lbs minimum
  • Breaking Strength: 110 lbs/in minimum (warp and fill)
  • Low Temperature Flexibility: -65°F without cracking or crazing
  • High Temperature Resistance: 400°F without embrittlement, deterioration, or tackiness
  • High Flame, Smoke, and Toxicity Resistance

POLYTECH® Reinforced and Metalized PEEK Film Facings (RMEKL5)

POLYTECH® Reinforced and Metalized PEEK Film Facings (RMEKL5) is an extremely lightweight, tough, tear resistant film that exhibits excellent resistance to acids, bases, oxidizing agents, hydrocarbons, salts and steam. It is insoluble in all common solvents. It acts as an ideal film facing for demanding applications and aircraft applications. 

Polytech<sup>®</sup> Reinforced and Metallized PEEK Film Facings (RMEKL5)
  • Tensile Strength MPa (psi): 17,400 (120)
  • Puncture Strength, KJ/m: 40
  • Tear Strength, N/mm: 6.3
  • Service Temperature °C (°F): >200 (392)
  • Fire Resistance Properties: When combined with certain insulation materials, it will meet Class A requirements for smoke and flame

POLYTECH® Polyimide Film

POLYTECH® Polyimide Film is a heat resistance film that retains its physical properties over a wide temperature range.

Polyimide Film
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength (MD): 33,500
  •  Stress to Produce (MD) 5% Elongation: 10,000
  • Ultimate Elongation (MD) %: 72
  • Tear Strength (MD) – Propagating: 7
  • Tear Strength (MD) – Initial: 729
  • Temperature Range: -450°F to +750°F

POLYTECH® Black Polyester Film Facing (BPF)

POLYTECH® Black Polyester Film Facing (BPF) is a two-ply film consisting of a 1⁄2 mil polyester film laminated to a 3/10mil aluminum foil using a non-combustible adhesive.

  • Temperature Resistance: -20°F to +300°F

    • Tensile Strength: 10 lbs/in (in both directions)
    • Tear Strength: 0.705 oz (in both directions)
    • Burst Strength: 30 PSI
    • Flame Resistance:
      • Charlength: 2" Max
      • Afterglow: 1 second max
      • Flame Out: 1 second max

Most Polymer Film Facings are available with our proprietary micro-perforations, which further enhance the acoustical attenuation characteristics. See our technical bulletin to learn more.

Learn more about our film facings materials & applications

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