Solutions for the Aviation & Aerospace Industry

Composite solutions for noise, temperature, and vibration control

Solutions for the Aviation and Aerospace Industry

Polymer Technologies’ material solutions have many varied applications for the aviation and aerospace industries.

Below you will find examples of how Polymer’s materials have been implemented for aircrafts. The applications are just a sampling of the possible areas in which Polymer’s materials can effectively mitigate thermal, vibration, and acoustical energy concerns.

Insulation for Aircraft Ducting


Polymer’s materials provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for aircraft ECS ducting. POLYDAMP® Melamine foam with PEEK and PEKK facings for extra durability are often wrapped around aircraft ducts. These composites reduce condensation and increase the thermal efficacy of the environmental control systems (ECS).  POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine foams retain their original thickness even when taped around ducts, retaining the maximum performance of the material.  High mass fabrics may also be used to mitigate breakout noise.

Insulation for Fuselage and Bulkheads

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POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine foams are used for thermal and acoustical insulation in aircraft fuselage both alone and with films or high mass fabrics. These specific foams and composites have a natural resistance to compression set, which allows them to be used within frames and over stringers with little or no loss of thickness. The foams also have the ability to remain in compression between frames. The benefit to using these products is significantly reduced installation costs by minimizing the number of fasteners and retainers.  In addition, composites including high mass fabrics are used as over-frame blankets to further reduce noise transmission.  These same materials and composites can be used for bulkheads.

Acoustical Aircraft Flooring Insulation

Acoustical Aircraft Flooring Insulation

POLYDAMP® melamine foams  with and without high-mass fabrics can be used for aircraft flooring applications. As acoustical insulation, they reduce the noise transmission into the cabin of the aircraft.

Acoustic and Vibration Reduction Trim Panels

Aircraft Trim Panels

Trim panel insulation and isolation are other popular solutions that Polymer has developed for aircraft. Materials used for trim panels include Melamine foams with and without facings or mass fabrics, along with vibration isolators to reduce resonance and enhance transmission loss characteristics. The foam composites are applied directly to the outside of trim panels for additional noise attenuation and reduction of vibration or resonance of a panel.

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