Materials for Heavy Trucking & Emergency Vehicles

Acoustical, Vibration, and Thermal Solutions

Materials for Heavy Trucking and Emergency Vehicles

Polymer Technologies’ energy management materials have been used in fire trucks, ambulances, and on-highway trucks since our inception in 1989. Typical applications include insulation for passenger cabins, walls, and engine compartments, with the goal of reducing the amount of noise, vibration, and thermal energy transmitted into the cab. For these applications, we use firewall, hood/tunnel, sidewall insulation, floor mats, and engine isolation treatments.

For more information on previous achievements and innovations for emergency vehicles and heavy trucking, please see our Case Studies.

Acoustical Barrier Floor Mats

Acoustical Floor Mats

Our interior solutions for emergency vehicles and heavy trucks include POLYDAMP® acoustical floor mats. We have a variety of different wear surfaces, our most popular being the pyramid type wear surface. These floor mats provide anti-slip and abrasion resistance. Simultaneously, they act as acoustical barriers to noise and vibration entering the compartment from underneath the vehicle or through the firewall.

Insulation for Operator and Driver Cabs

Operator Cab Insulation

POLYTECH® closed cell foams are typically used as decouplers for compression resistance, comfort, and thermal insulation while also separating the barrier and floor mat to optimize effectiveness. POLYDAMP® open celled urethane and Melamine foams are also used as truck wall thermal and acoustical insulation in sleeper cabs, door panels, or general wall panels, enhancing cabin comfort while mitigating weight verses traditionally used fiberglass and polyester batting.

Acoustic Absorption for Headliners and Interior Trim

Acoustic Absorption for Headliners and Interior Trim

Our solutions for interior trim include a POLYDAMP® acoustical foam or melamine foam used to reduce decibel levels within passenger compartments, i.e. the reverberant or reflected sound within a compartment. The headliners can be either two dimensional flat parts or three dimensional molded shapes which can be designed to fit into a specific location (i.e. door or ceiling panel).

Engine Enclosures

Engine Enclosures

Polymer’s materials either isolate noise, vibration, and heat within the engine compartment as much as possible, or they dissipate it into areas that do not directly affect the operator, passenger, and pedestrian.  The firewall that separates the interior of the engine compartment from the passenger compartment is typically made from a range of materials including absorptive foam or cellular-based solutions such as our POLYDAMP® acoustical foam (urethanes).
Higher temperature environments are served by our POLYDAMP® Melamine. The foams are available and typically supplied with protective film facings. These facings can be reflective (foils or metalized polyesters) or opaque (TUFFYLM® urethane) and are also available in different colors based on customer requirements or preferences.  Facings provide additional durability, heat and light reflectivity, and oil and water resistance, ultimately extending the life and improving performance of the insulation. POLYDAMP® Acoustical Barriers are also employed to enhance decibel reduction, typically separated from the firewall by a decoupling layer.

Additionally, noise source isolation can be provided directly on the engine through the use of an absorber/barrier combination such as a POLYFORM® molded solution. This solution can cover a timing belt or sidewall block for noise isolation, thus attacking the noise source directly rather than the adjacent areas surrounding the noise source.

Rubber Mounts for Heavy Trucking

Engine Enclosures

Polymer’s solutions for heavy trucking include Duraflex®, a natural rubber blend with the ability to withstand high levels of shock and vibration. Duraflex® is used for the construction of durable rubber radiator mounts. While traditional rubber mounts deteriorate frequently and require replacement, Duraflex® has the ability not to build up internal heat as the vehicle shakes and vibrates on the road. Therefore, Duraflex® can last up to roughly a million miles, which is twice as long as traditional rubbers.

High-Performance Hoses for Air and Fluid Transfer

air and fluid transfer for trucks

Polymer offers a variety of high-performance hoses that can be used for air and fluid transfer applications in heavy truck and specialty vehicles. Our hoses are designed to meet and exceed industry standards in flexibility, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and pressure.

Common applications include cooling systems, air intake, exhaust and more. For more information about our air and fluid transfer solutions, see our High-Performance Hoses & Molded Rubber Parts page.

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