Isolation Materials for Power Generation

Noise Control & Vibration Isolation Applications

Noise Control andVibration Isolation Applications

Polymer Technologies continues to lead the industry in noise reduction and vibration isolation material solutions for power generation equipment. We have UL2200 recognized acoustic materials to meet industry regulatory and commercial requirements of power generation manufacturers. We provide a variety of solutions, one of which is for units used in sizes from 2.5 kW to 2 mW. Additionally, Polymer has been working with companies in alternative energy sectors such as wind turbines and battery powered devices.

Finding the Right Solutions for Engine Enclosures

Vibration Damping Materials

When selecting isolating materials for engine enclosures, we take into account the mass of the enclosure and the spectrum of noise sources. The more open area in an enclosure, the less effective the barrier and damping materials will be, and the more challenging it will be to gain significant noise attenuation.

All of these factors play a role in enclosure material design and determine whether POLYDAMP® acoustical foam, barrier composites, or vibration damping material are most appropriate. Our noise control experts can work with your engineers on site in a collaborative effort to determine which products would best serve your needs for power generation.

Noise Absorption for Doors, Service Hatches, and Plenums

Noise Control Material

Polymer Technologies designs absorptive and barrier materials that help eliminate the line of sight through plenums and louvers. Materials need to be designed to help eliminate acoustical weak spots in doors and hatches. Gaskets are used for proper sealing to ensure there are no leaks or gaps that will allow noise to escape.

When creating a design for the enclosure itself, enclosure panel weight plays a critical role in determining whether you should use an absorber and barrier composite or just an absorber. We will work with you to determine whether our acoustic foam or acoustic barriers are the best solution for your engine enclosure

Isolation Mounts for Generators

Isolation Mounts for Generators

We offer a range of vibration control products manufactured by our Elastomeric Solutions Division (ESD) that specializes in engine related applications. All vibration isolation mounts offer ultra-high resiliency and fatigue life and are suitable for applications in generators. For more about our elastomeric solutions including ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex® mounts, check out our Elastomeric Solutions for Vibration Control & Shock Isolation page.

Hoses for Air and Fluid Transfer

Air and Fluid transfer solutions for power generation.

Our hoses for are suitable for a variety of power generation applications. Developed from extruded organic rubber or silicone, all hoses meet manufacturer specifications for temperature, pressure, flexibility, and air and fluid transfer. Our high-performance hoses are suitable for use in cooling systems, crossover tubing, and more. To learn about our air and fluid transfer solutions for power generation, see our High-Performance Hoses & Molded Rubber Parts page.

Contact us today and we will work with you to develop a custom solution.

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