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Shock & Vibration Isolation:
Elastomeric Solutions

Always the Highest Quality Shock Isolation Mounts, Bushings, and other Damping Materials!

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We’re proud to introduce our new line of Shock and Vibration solutions:  Elastomeric Solutions.

Polymer Technologies is excited to announce it has recently acquired the assets of EPSG, a company specializing in shock and vibration isolation since 1993. Our newly acquired manufacturing plant specializes in shock and vibration isolators, molded isolation products, and custom elastomeric shock and vibration material development. We are especially excited to offer this new line of products because this expansion allows us to better serve you and provide a full service solution. You can visit Polymer and receive solutions for thermal, noise, and now, all vibration materials.

To find out more information about Polymer Technologies’ acquisition of EPSG and what it means for you, take a look at our Elastomeric Solutions Press Release and our FAQ pages.

Technical Data Sheets and full catalog are available!
Please visit for more information about custom elastomeric and vibration isolation solutions as well as our inventory of pre-produced materials.

Vibration isolation products have a wide variety of applications. These include Heavy Trucking, Medical Equipment, Aerospace, Military and Defense, and more. Polymer works with customers in a multitude of industries to determine what elastomeric and vibration isolation solutions their projects require.

Below is a sampling of our new offerings:

Vibration Isolators: DuraFlex® Rubber

DuraFlex® is a proprietary line of rubber compounds with ultra-high resiliency and fatigue life. DuraFlex® compound was shown to have the lowest temperature rise, a milestone no other rubber has obtained.

DuraFlex<sup>®</sup> Rubber
  • Scored a 0° temperature rise on the Goodrich Flexometer test
  • Exhibits high abrasion resistance and high tensile strength and flex fatigue
  • Broad range of durometers
  • Very high cyclic fatigue strength
  • Can be tailored to specific applications - Engine Mounts, Vibratory Compactors, and more

To learn more about DuraFlex®, visit our DuraFlex® Rubber Information Page.

Standard Products for Shock Isolation and Damping

The Elastomeric Solutions Division has a wide variety of vibration isolators for any application.  If one of our standard vibration isolators does not fit your needs, let us know, and we will create a custom vibration isolator solution that meets your requirements. Some of our most popular standard vibration isolators include.

Shock Isolation and Damping
  • Elastomer Isolators
  • Bonded Bushing
  • Cylindrical & Dome Mounts
  • Fail Safe Compression Mounts
  • Damping Materials
  • And more!

To learn more about our standard solutions, visit our Standard Products Information Page.

Custom Vibration, Shock and Elastomeric Isolator Products

Focusing on your requirements and standards, we create 3D prototype plastic and elastomeric product designs for thermoplastics and thermoset materials. We have created custom polymer solutions for almost every industry, including:

  • Transportation and Industrial Products
  • Precision Products
  • Medical Equipment and Computer Solutions
  • Aerospace and Defense Applications

To learn more about custom solutions, visit our Custom Products Information Page.

Want to hear more about how Polymer Technologies uses DuraFlex® to solve our customer’s biggest problems?  Check out our case studies, particularly how we provided a smoother ride for Class 5-8 trucks.

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