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Prototyping Services

The Efficiency and Speed of Prototyping with Unmatched Quality

Our dedicated team of engineers has developed an extremely efficient and effective prototyping process.
In order to supply the highest quality prototypes possible, Polymer Technologies believes in working closely with our clients. We make sure we understand exactly what our customer’s applications and needs are, and then we recommend a treatment for that need, verified through extensive and exhaustive testing procedures.

Our tests and prototypes routinely concentrate on evaluating diverse materials for property characteristics, such as flammability, bond strength, hydrophobicity, acoustical absorption, and thermal insulation capacity. We always make sure our prototypes can handle the rigorous testing that our end products will undergo.

What to Expect with Prototyping at Polymer Technologies

We have our prototyping process down to a literal science. With customer prototypes provided within a day to few days of original request receipt, we make sure you see a quick turnaround time on your prototype.

Initially, Polymer will receive customer CAD files and then program them into our CNC Software. Our two water-jet systems cut the design in an extremely accurate manner. We have a dedicated engineering associate for samples and prototyping who will create the work-in-progress (WIP) material and fabricate the parts required to complete the prototype.

Looking for 3D Prototyping solutions?

That’s not a problem for Polymer Technologies! If a customer requires 3D molded programs or materials for their prototyping, we have a process specifically built around that. Our team is able to create rough 3D parts from molded foam slabs, facilitating and expediting testing in order to prove the performance of the material and the capability of the concept.

Don’t have a CAD design file yet?

Not a problem! If customer designs are unavailable, our prototyping and sampling associates will design and implement a custom CAD file that meets the customer’s requirements and needs. Polymer Technologies believes in having a solution for every possible problem, no matter how complex and difficult.

Our engineers will dissect your problem and develop a one-of-a-kind solution.
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