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Material Testing Services

We’re Up to the Challenge... Let Us Handle Your Materials Testing

We believe a collaborative customer experience is the greatest value a testing facility can provide clients. The Polymer Testing & Prototyping Lab, the hub of the company’s Technical Support Team, works collaboratively with clients. We utilize state-of-the-art measurement equipment and customized software managed by a team of highly advanced engineers and experienced experts.

Bring us your challenges, and we will analyze your acoustical, thermal, or vibration applications. We’ll help design and deliver cost effective solutions that will improve your product functionality, manufacturing efficiencies, and bottom line margins.

Benefits of Using Polymer Technologies’ Testing Lab

  • Over 100 years of combined hands-on experience in solving energy management concerns
  • Strong commitment to ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Certified quality standards
  • In-House & On-Site Testing Solutions
  • Complete laboratory facilities
  • Associations with outside independent testing facilities, laboratories, technical consultants, and universities

Polymer prides itself on never letting a product or material go through the final design stage without being confident that the product will work. Often times, manufacturers complete the final design and begin developing a product, only to realize at the last minute that the product doesn’t work or perform as anticipated.

Since Polymer has experience with a large variety of equipment, we have the ability to anticipate the materials needed to plan and complete the testing protocol. Polymer has earned a reputation for quick response and innovative solutions to acoustical, thermal, and vibration challenges while avoiding major design modifications.

Acoustical Testing

Acoustical Testing
  • Provides information that is both useful and necessary to correct a reported problem.
  • Can help to preemptively avoid costly problems that can occur.
  • A great way to help quantify a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In-House Testing

Thermal Testing
  • Can be done in Polymer’s 12’ x 12’ hemi-anechoic Acoustical Test Chamber, which is great for portable, electrically powered components.
  • Large, combustion engine powered components can be tested outside of our plant in free-field conditions.
  • Prototyping capabilities are available on-site.

On-Site Testing

Acoustic Testing
  • Our engineers can conduct acoustical testing at our customer’s facilities using a handheld digital sound level meter.
  • This is especially favorable for large equipment or components that require extensive assembly or disassembly for material evaluation.

What to Expect During Our Testing Process

What to Expect During Our Testing Process

Typically, an acoustical, thermal, or vibration testing project will encompass baseline testing and then several testing treatment packages to determine the best cost-effective insulation package Polymer Technologies can deliver.
Once verification of a treatment package is conducted, the parts making up the package are quoted, prototypes are made, and validation is completed. Testing can be conducted in Polymer’s hemi-anechoic Acoustical Test Chamber; however, large combustion engine powered components can be tested at one of our multiple free-field locations.

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Detailed reports of the acoustical or thermal testing we perform can be provided as well as complete information on the process, equipment, and conditions for the testing.

Whether  testing for material performance consistency for an aerospace client, thermal insulation performance capabilities for a transportation client, or acoustical performance for a client in the construction equipment arena – Polymer Technologies always utilizes leading-edge compatibility testing and prototyping to evaluate and determine ideal materials, conditions, and performance parameters.

For more information on our prototyping and testing process, check out our Prototyping page!

Physical Properties Verification Testing

Physical  Properties Verification Testing
  • Tensile per ASTM D3574; or ASTM D412
  • Tear Resistance per ASTM D3574, F; or ASTM D624
  • Indentation Force Deflection per ASTM D3574, B1 or B2
  • Airflow Resistivity per ASTM C522
  • Water Absorption per ASTM D2842
  • Peel Strength per ASTM D903 or ASTM D3330

Flammability Verification Testing

  • Horizontal Burn per UL94; MVSS302
  • Vertical Burn per UL94; BSS 7230
  • Radiant Flame Propagation per BSS 7365

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