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Meet Joseph Giannotti, Customer Service Representative

Hailing from twelve years in Hawaii and bringing his "Aloha spirit" to work every day, Joseph Giannotti is a Customer Service Representative at Polymer Technologies. He provides customer service to the western and southeastern regions of the United States, and he also specializes in international accounts and aerospace customers.

Dedication to integrity in service from an early age

Integrity and honesty are the traits Joseph prizes most in himself at work. He believes in being up front with his customers and communicating issues promptly. Joseph strives to get customers what they want when they want it.

Joseph's interest in customer service started back when he was only 13 or 14 years old. He was a paperboy and responsible for his own route, and he realized how important it was to provide outstanding service. Prior to working with Polymer, Joseph worked in Hawaii as a warehouse manager, webmaster, and computer tech for a company that owned five art galleries. He also had his own business as a mobile disc jockey in Boston, MA and Conshohocken, PA. "It was a lot more than 'just playing records,'" he says of the experience.

As a disc jockey, his goal was to make a positive difference and give his customers the best experience possible by going above and beyond what was expected from a bride and groom or host. He brought the same principles to Polymer, where he has now been for a decade.

"It's not just business – it's personal."

Joseph communicates with customers daily via phone and email to process purchase orders, adjust schedules, track shipments, and solve any problems they may encounter. He loves taking care of customers and their needs and says, "They aren't just Polymer's customers – they are my customers. It's not just business – it's personal."

Meet Jason Neri, Territory Sales Manager

Jason Neri, Territory Sales Manager, focuses on helping our customers find new business opportunities. By helping customers select the right materials to develop new products and improve outdated ones, Jason works with customers to increase their market share. From helping customers find the right solution to representing our products at tradeshows, Jason is always finding ways that Polymer can help businesses tackle their greatest noise reduction, thermal control, vibration isolation, or air and fluid challenges.

Applying manufacturing know-how to business growth

Jason holds a BS in Business Management from Wilmington University and joined the Polymer team in 2002. He began as a foam technician working on the production floor before transitioning to the corporate offices. In 2012, Jason assumed the newly created position of New Business Development Specialist.

Jason’s hands-on experience with Polymer’s products equipped him with a solid understanding of the materials and how their applications solve problems for our customers. His extensive working knowledge of the materials make Jason an ideal resource for helping to design solutions for a myriad of noise reduction, temperature control, vibration isolation, and air and fluid transfer applications.

A dedication to continuous improvement

For Jason, there’s nothing more fulfilling than helping a customer find a solution that works the first time. Jason is always looking for opportunities to advance his personal development and brings that same dedication to our customers’ success.

Meet Bonnie Peterson, Project Manager

As an Inside Sales Engineer at Polymer Technologies, Bonnie handles all accounts from the East Coast and Midwest regions, talking to customers and quoting materials--and that’s not her only role. She is also the POLYFORM® Program Manager, leading detailed projects that require custom molded foam solutions for customers all over the country.

A passion for creating products you can see and hold

Bonnie has been with Polymer Technologies for a decade, and her experience in the manufacturing industry includes an additional eight years with an injection molding company. Why was she so drawn to manufacturing? As far back as she can remember, Bonnie always wanted to be involved in the creation of a product that you can see and hold. The most satisfying part of her job is seeing the finished product that Polymer’s customers receive and knowing how much effort went into making it happen.

Improving processes to position everyone for success

Bonnie strives to do things in a better way--not just for herself, but for everyone. She works to make daily tasks easier for her coworkers through efforts like cutting down on paperwork. If she sees a process that could be improved, she makes a point of addressing it, positioning herself and everyone at Polymer to help customers more efficiently.

Bonnie holds a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Operations Management from the University of Delaware and an MBA from West Chester University.

Meet Ben Resini, Inside Sales Engineer

As an Inside Sales Engineer at Polymer Technologies, Ben Resini wears many hats, but his primary role is processing quotes for customers and supporting Polymer’s Territory Managers and Representatives. Ben handles orders from the Southeast and West Coast regions and all international orders. Ben also specializes in the defense and aerospace industries.

A strong sales background from photography to manufacturing

Before Ben joined Polymer in 2012, he worked as an account manager for W.L. Gore & Associates, but his background encompasses a lot more than manufacturing. While working at Gore, Ben also ran his own wedding photography business, handling 40 weddings a year for customers all over the Tri-State Area. Before that, he was a restaurant manager. The common thread in all Ben’s experiences is his understanding of sales principles and customer service, which he’s managed to apply across fields. No matter the industry, Ben recognizes the importance of being honest and upfront with customers while helping them.

Working hard to deliver solutions no one but Polymer can

Whether customers need an insulation material or have a complex challenge to solve, Ben works hard to address their needs, and he’d always rather call and talk it out instead of just sending an email. He brings that personal touch and commitment to hard work to every account. Ben takes pride in knowing what Polymer offers is unique and that he’s playing a role in finding solutions customers may not even realize are available until they get in touch.

When he’s not quoting materials for Polymer’s customers, Ben can be found taking photos--he continues to practice photography as a hobby, and he also loves to travel, so he documents everywhere he visits with his camera.

Ben holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Wilmington University.

Meet Peter Riley, PTI’s Territory Sales Manager

After graduating from Hillsdale College in Michigan with a degree in Business Administration, Peter Riley initially went into the banking industry as a mortgage lender. For the first 4 years out of college, Peter developed and honed his banking skills and was eventually promoted to the role of VP of Mortgage Lending at a small bank in LaPorte, Indiana.

Throughout his early life, Peter’s father owned and managed a Manufacturer’s Representative Agency called Riley Sales, a firm focusing on components for noise control, thermal management, and gasketing. Peter’s father, Norm Riley, always had the vision of passing on the company and the skillset to his son, something that finally came to fruition after Peter already had a solid career in banking. In 1995, Peter joined his father in the manufacturer’s rep industry. Using a lifetime of experience, Norm taught him the ins and outs of the industry, trained him, and eventually passed the company onto his son.

Peter represented a variety of acoustic and thermal composite manufactures as a sales representative from 1995 through 1999 gaining valuable knowledge and experience. In 2000, Riley Sales was appointed as the sales agent representative for Polymer Technologies in the areas of Indiana, Michigan, and later Ohio.  During this time, Peter also furthered his education by earning the CPMR designation through a three year program at Indiana University.

In 2003 Peter’s father passed on the torch and Peter became President and Owner of Riley Sales. Peter continued to represent Polymer Technologies through Riley Sales from 2000 to 2012, and last year he made the decision to work exclusively for Polymer Technologies and became a full time member of the PTI team.

A History of Excellence

On top of Peter’s personal experience and expertise, he has also come to us with a proven track record as a Polymer Technologies Sales Representative, an invaluable characteristic that has helped support our sales goals and objectives.

From 2000 through 2012, Peter worked as an independent representative for Polymer Technologies, helping us continue to grow and expand in the Midwest. Peter proved himself to be one of the hardest working and most effective sales people we have had the pleasure of working with. In 2013, Peter officially joined the PTI team as one of our company’s Territory Sales Managers covering territories that include Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.

Warren Buffet Management Style

While each of our Sales Managers has unique skills, Peter stands out with his approach. Peter continues to amaze us with his self-titled “Warren Buffet Approach.” Peter believes in partnering high quality companies and developing deep and long lasting relationships with his customers, similar to how Warren Buffet would invest into big brands and hold onto them for the long haul – displaying his loyalty to the company and its employees. This style of managing accounts pays off in the long run; rather than getting a quick single sale from a bunch of companies, Peter takes the time to develop these relationships through in-depth support and in turn, his customers have been extremely loyal to Polymer over the years. Thanks to Peter’s attention to detail and service, many have stayed with Polymer after going through rough economic times in the past years.

Meet Paul Lorentzen, Territory Technical Sales Manager

As Territory Technical Sales Manager, located in Los Angeles, Paul Lorentzen maintains and expands the Polymer Technologies customer base by building rapport with customers, identifying new opportunities and developing solutions. Paul serves the Western U.S. and specializes in defense, aerospace, medical, and industrial applications.

Years of Dedication and Excellence
Prior to joining Polymer in September 2015, Paul was with Barry Controls/Hutchinson and Shock Tech/901D for 25 years specializing in products addressing shock, vibration, and noise design challenges. He received numerous awards for his accomplishments and contributions. In addition, he was a Program Manager for Teledyne Electronics, developing IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) systems for fighter aircraft. Paul is a veteran, having served as an officer in the U.S. Air Force Systems Command as a Program Manager for projects and avionics enhancements on the F-16 aircraft.

Paul holds an undergraduate degree in Economics/Business from Vanderbilt University, and an MBA from California Lutheran University.

Helping Customers Find a Solution
Paul enjoys being a technical resource and team player with his customer base. Using his years of industry experience, Paul strives to help develop new products and systems to solve energy management design issues.

Meet Aaron Horsey, Cost Engineering Manager

As Cost Engineering Manager at Polymer Technologies, Aaron Horsey quotes pricing for fabricated parts for customers. This is a complex task that involves a great attention to detail; Aaron uses a specialized program to draw and nest parts and calculate accurately how much material is needed. This helps him get the best yield for the customer at the right price point.

Decades of dedication to Polymer and the materials industry

With four decades in the materials industry, Aaron has spent the majority of his time at Polymer. He has been with the company since its inception in 1989. Alongside founder Robert Prybutok, who knew him from a previous manufacturing job, Aaron played a role in formulating the company’s plans to procure equipment and finding a space to operate the company. For his first 20 years at Polymer, Aaron worked as Plant Manager before transitioning to Cost Engineering Manager.

A love of solving puzzles and finding the right quote

Aaron was part of the team that implemented Lean Manufacturing at Polymer by evaluating internal processes and coming up with the ideal approach for each job so that it’s easy to do the job the same way every time. He’s also on the Steering Committee to maintain Polymer’s ISO 9001:2000 certification. Still, his primary role is solving problems for customers. He’s always liked puzzles and math, so he enjoys taking an array of customer parts and figuring out how to get the best deal when finding a quote.

"You don’t tell people what to do; you ask them and explain why it needs to be done."

Aaron believes in doing the best he can every day while enabling others to do their best. In addition to helping customers, he enjoys helping Polymer’s employees and nurturing them as they grow in the organization. Aaron is a team player who never asks someone to do anything he’s never done himself, and he lives by this mantra: "You don’t tell people what to do; you ask them and explain why it needs to be done."

Aside from his enthusiasm for the success of Polymer and its customers, Aaron is a sports enthusiast. He enjoys showing off the mini museum of sports memorabilia he collects in his office.

Meet Dori Prybutok, HR Manager

Dori Prybutok carries out the vital responsibility of handling all hiring and employee relations as an HR Manager at Polymer Technologies. No two days are ever alike, and Dori thrives on the fluid nature of her role.

Dori holds a BS in Hospitality Management from Johnson & Wales University. She previously worked for ARAMARK where she started her career as a Human Resources Manager and then transitioned into a corporate recruiter/college Relationship Specialist. During this time, Dori truly found a passion for the field of Human Resources.

Dori relishes in the fact that although some things are black and white in HR, there’s a lot of grey. This provides endless opportunities for continuous learning, and Dori is nothing if not passionate about seizing these opportunities and bringing new practices to the organization. She is always there for her employees through thick and thin, but she especially enjoys getting to praise employees for an outstanding job they did or finding the right fit for new hires.

Building sincere connections and helping employees advance in their careers

Dori has been with Polymer Technologies for over a decade and is just as excited about helping the employees of Polymer now as she was when she started. She is an SHRM Certified Professional and an HRCI Professional in Human Resources. Her main goal in HR is for people to feel comfortable enough to come to her. Privacy and confidentiality are synonymous with HR, and Dori knows that people just need to feel at ease.

Although she loves her career, it’s not always about work for Dori. She likes to get to know each and every employee and to really make a connection. She is currently working hard for the employees of the manufacturing team to be able to earn opportunities for advancement within the organization, gaining more responsibility in their career development. Dori approaches every day with uncompromising integrity, sincere candor, and her own variety of cheerfulness that keeps the Polymer Technologies team running without a hitch.

Meet Suzanne Prybutok, Vice President of Finance

As Vice President of Finance, Suzanne Prybutok’s job entails leading Polymer Technologies’ finance team and making sure all the numbers add up. Suzanne has been with Polymer since her husband, President and CEO Robert Prybutok, began the company’s operations out of their living room in 1989. She loves what she does and loves working at Polymer, which she describes as one big family.

A natural talent with numbers and a passion for finance
When Polymer was first started, Suzanne wore many hats, and took on whatever needed doing, which included secretarial duties and finding vendors. She played a role in a variety of initiatives that later became the responsibility of other team members. However, finance was the job that truly captured her interest. She loves working with numbers and discovered that her talent with numbers, combined with an excellent memory, made finance the perfect fit. When Polymer transferred their financial recordkeeping to computerized systems, Suzanne led the way. She feels immensely lucky to have had the chance to grow in a role where she not only excels, but finds enjoyment.

Making Polymer feel like home through caring and honesty
Suzanne enjoys playing with numbers and ensuring they all add up, but her true passion is working with people. A highly caring individual, she enjoys forming bonds with personnel while nurturing their professional growth in the organization. Suzanne’s journey of professional work and joy interacting with people from all walks of life enables Polymer to help staff and our valued customers achieve their goals. Making that personal connection is important to her, and honesty plays a major role in fostering genuine relationships and being an effective manager. Suzanne makes an effort to keep the company in line with the morals and values that are important to her so that Polymer can be a supportive environment in which to work.

Suzanne derives the most satisfaction from helping others, and this is something that shows not only in her work with Polymer but everywhere in her life. She’s active with collecting donations for various organizations as well as volunteering. In her spare time, she knits and does needlepoint.

For more information on Polymer Technologies products and solutions, contact us at 800-850-9001 or fill out our contact form.

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