Polymer Technologies Facilities

Three Growing Locations in the U.S.

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service, technical support, and product quality to manufacturers. To meet growing customer demand, Polymer Technologies has three locations in the U.S. that develop and deliver energy management solutions. Each location has its own in-house manufacturing and testing facilities that meet the specific requirements for your industry.

Polymer Technologies Headquarters leading foam and elastomer manufacturer

Polymer Technologies Headquarters

Since 1989, we have dedicated ourselves to developing and delivering solutions for the thermal, acoustical, and vibration problems major manufacturers face. Located in the Pencader Corporate Center in Newark, Delaware, our headquarters is where the majority of our manufacturing and testing facilities are located.

We want to be a resource for you and develop a close working relationship. Using our expertise and in-house manufacturing, we will supply you with materials that add value, enhance product performance, and improve bottom-line margins.

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Polymer Technologies Molded Products Division for custom molded foam products

Molded Products Division: Developing Designs for Forward Thinkers

Are you ready to take vibration, noise, and temperature control in bold new directions? The Polymer Molded Products Division (PMP) is a full-service molded polyurethane foam manufacturer and fabrication company dedicated to helping equipment manufacturers develop superior products. Located in Central New Jersey inside a 33,000 sq ft building, PMP has the in-house capabilities to push the boundaries of molded product manufacturing. While flat foam is useful in some applications, we help innovative manufacturers break the mold and reshape their future products.

Why Choose a Molded Polyurethane Foam Solution?

When you choose a molded foam solution, you are making sure noise, vibration, and temperature emissions are at the forefront of your design. By taking energy management into account early on, designers can prevent the hassle of reworking an original concept and can focus on getting a high-quality product to market.

No matter the size or shape of your product, PMP is here to help your design come to life..

Advantages of a Molded Foam Solution

  • Absorb or block excess sound
  • Eliminate screws, fasteners, and parts
  • Streamline assembly processes
  • Improve the overall performance and quality of a product
  • Significantly reduce manufacturing time and cost
  • Damp shock and isolate vibration

See the Difference When You Work with a Molded Foam Manufacturer

Polymer Technologies Elastomeric Solutions Division for developing vibration isolation materials

Our Elastomeric Solutions Division

Located in Norwood, Massachusetts, our Elastomeric Solutions Division (ESD) is a full-service facility that specializes in shock and vibration isolation materials. ESD develops solutions for a variety of industries including heavy trucking, medical equipment, aerospace, and defense. Our main competitive advantage lies in our material expertise, especially our Duraflex® rubber compound.

Why Choose ESD?

The DuraFlex® Rubber Compound Advantage

  • Suitable for high-fatigue applications, including engine mounts and mounts for vibratory equipment
  • Has the lowest temperature rise known on the Goodrich Flexometer Test (0°)
  • Able to meet specific needs for tire and belting applications
  • Disperses energy sustainably and doesn’t damage rubber or equipment

Our Vibration and Shock Isolation Team is dedicated to engineering and delivering high-quality, innovative elastomeric solutions. Focused on efficiency and quality, we can maintain high volume manufacturing for our customers over an extended period.

To ensure your product works as expected, we have the capability to perform in-house prototyping and materials testing. We will never deliver a product unless we are certain it meets your specific requirements.

Stop Vibration at the Source and Work with A Dedicated Supplier

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