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Applications for
Agriculture and Construction

Acoustic, Vibration, and Thermal Solutions

For many years, Polymer Technologies has been manufacturing materials that provide the agriculture, construction, and mining industries with innovative and unique solutions. Whether it’s acoustic control, vibration isolation, or thermal energy management, we have a solution for everything. Typical applications of our materials include insulation for operator cabs and engine compartments – for vehicles ranging in size from skid steer loaders and backhoes to combines and haulers.

Engine Compartments and Firewalls

Sound Absorbing Material

The goal of using barrier composites in engine compartments is to reduce the noise, vibration, and thermal transmission to operators within cabs.  Solutions typically used in these applications include POLYDAMP® Acoustical Foams.  Additionally, Polymer Technologies’ heat shields and other thermal insulation materials can be used to protect areas within the compartments from high heat sources such as exhaust pipes and turbo chargers.

Floor Mats, Trims, and Insulation for Operator Cabs

Noise Absorption Material

POLYDAMP® Floor-Mat surfaces are used to reduce noise and vibrations transmitted through the floor of vehicle or operator cabs, and they are available with highly durable wear surfaces.  We also provide interior trim materials utilizing acoustical foams or POLYFORM® molded urethanes, which are used for cosmetic finishes, acoustical insulation, and cushions or shock absorption pads. 

Molded and 2-Dimensional headliner parts are also available, as are a variety of different types of facings and fabrics for both cosmetic and functional purposes.  Additionally, we have experience working with 3-Dimensionally molded fiberglass panels when appropriate.  We also provide custom designs for bumper pads and crash pads that can be molded with our integral skin urethane foam (PHDM-IS), available with different textures and surface finishes– and even custom logos to make your brand stand out.

For more information on these specific solutions for the agriculture and construction industries, please see our Find Your Solution page!

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