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On-Demand Vibration Isolation Solutions for HVAC Manufacturer

The Manufacturer’s Challenge: Supplier Couldn’t Deliver Isolation Mounts on Time

Vibration isolation mounts for HVAC units

A leading commercial manufacturer of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning units (HVAC) came to Polymer Technologies with a problem: their supplier wasn't able to deliver isolation mounts on time.

Disruptions in the supply chain can happen, but the HVAC manufacturer was completely caught off guard! Their supplier didn’t let them know ahead of time that the isolation mounts they needed would no longer be in stock. Our elastomeric solutions experts met one-on-one with the client to explore comparable solutions in regards to durability and pricing that could be delivered quickly.

The Request for Polymer: On-Demand Anti-Vibration Mounts for HVAC Equipment

When the HVAC manufacturer contacted Polymer Technologies, they needed an equivalent elastomeric solution to their previous vibration isolation mounts. The mounts were used to isolate HVAC units in mobile offices and classrooms and had to be suitable for heavy-duty applications. The HVAC units were installed in quiet environments, so preventing vibration and noise through isolation was paramount. Disruption due to loud noises can decrease occupant comfort and focus. Additionally, excess vibration from the units can compromise the integrity of the blower motor assembly.

The manufacturer needed a new vibration isolation mount system that was able to not only perform but be delivered on time. The delay caused by their previous supplier made lead times extend between 8 to 16 weeks for the HVAC manufacturer.

Polymer listened to the manufacturer and understood their requirements and need for a speedy turnaround. We were able to quickly provide the manufacturer with an isolation mount for testing that met their manufacturing needs.

Polymer’s Solution: SquishyFlex® Anti-Vibration Mounts with Local Warehousing

SquishyFlex Anti-Vibration Mounts with Local Warehousing

By understanding the HVAC manufacturer's specifications for isolation vibration, Polymer was able to provide them with a comparable alternative: SquishyFlex® Anti-Vibration Mounts. Developed by Polymer’s Technologies Elastomeric Solutions Division (ESD), SquishyFlex® mounts are easy-to-install and suitable for use with blower motors in HVAC units. The three different spring rates provided by SquishyFlex®, coupled with its fail-safe, drip-proof design, gave the HVAC manufacturer a suitable and less expensive isolation mount alternative. To cut down on extended lead times, Polymer was able to do what the competition couldn’t: provide local warehousing and fast turnaround times on parts. Polymer Technologies was able to cut down the excessive 8 to 16 week lead time to just one week! To help meet deadlines, Polymer also provided the HVAC manufacturer with a 48-hour turnaround on orders with emergency overnight deliveries if needed.

Final Results: Going Above and Beyond for OEMs

Polymer’s solutions successfully met the goals of the HVAC manufacturer. Ultimately, a great manufacturer needs a great supplier to be their partner to deliver results on-demand. By working one-on-one with the manufacturer, Polymer was able to get to the crux of the problem and provide a durable HVAC vibration isolation solution that is locally warehoused and consistently delivered on time, every time.

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