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Noise Reducing Insulation for Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

The Problem: Noisy, Disruptive Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial grade vacuum cleaners are often built without taking into account comfortable noise output levels conducive to an office environment. Therefore, the loud motor noise of the vacuums can be damaging to office workers’ comfort and ability to concentrate, decreasing their productivity.

Offices may ask cleaning crews to work overnight shifts and weekends to ensure employees are not disturbed by the noise. Having cleaning crews work at these hours can be an additional cost to the company, but the alternative is a loss of revenue due to decreased productivity. A quieter, less disruptive commercial vacuum cleaner that can be used during normal hours would therefore be more desirable and cost-effective for an office environment.

The Solution: Acoustic Insulation Foam

Polymer worked to find a foam solution for the manufacturer that would mitigate noise produced by the vacuum. After reviewing the acoustic data, Polymer recommended multiple foam types and thicknesses for use in the vacuum interior, and the customer moved forward with testing in their own facilities to determine the most cost-effective insulation package.

With the rigorous testing process complete, Polymer and the customer concluded that the ideal solution would be using Melamine foam in the motor housing to minimize noise. Melamine foam has self-extinguishing properties and complies with the UL 94 V-0 flame resistance standard that the manufacturer’s products must meet before they can hit the market. The customer proceeded to mount the motor using UL 94 V-0 isolating grommets from Polymer, which acted to reduce vibrational energy exiting the structure and affecting operator comfort..

The Result: Noise Reduction and Cost Savings

Polymer’s custom vacuum foam solution met the following demands of the manufacturer:

  • Quiet Machine Operation
  • Flame Resistance
  • Reduced Cost of Operation for Businesses

Polymer enabled the manufacturer to put a commercial product on the market that was both compliant with safety standards and suitable for the needs of the manufacturer’s customers. With Polymer’s solution in place, the vacuum manufacturer gained the ability to produce quiet, efficient commercial vacuums that allow cleaning crews to operate during normal business hours with minimal disturbance to employees. In turn, this eliminates after hour energy costs incurred from night time cleaning shifts. In the end, both business owners and workers benefit from the introduction of quiet vacuum operations.

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