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POLYFORM® Molded Products Thermal Imaging Device (Fire Fighting Technology)

Description of the Request:

The customer approached Polymer Technologies with a problem that had plagued their product's performance quality and lifespan.  The customer provided important technological capabilities to the fire rescue industry in the form of a thermal imaging device (a temperature reading camera) designed to detect and locate life forms in extreme conditions. 

The product had a short life span as the insulation qualities of the device lacked longevity and had a low tolerance to the extreme temperatures in which it was most needed.  Polymer Technologies was asked to design a solution to extend the operating life of the thermal imaging device and increase its tolerance to hot and harsh environments.  

After an initial analysis of the device, it was determined the existing, expanded styrene foam insert being used for shock and thermal protection was not adequate for achieving intended operational life.  A new design and new insulating protectant was needed. 

Polymer Technologies' Solution:

This application called for the design and development of a two-piece POLYFORM® molded urethane foam part that would exceed the shock and thermal insulating protection levels needed for performance excellence.

The superior thermal insulating capabilities of the POLYFORM® molded urethane foam afforded the unit additional minutes of critical operational life within hot and harsh environments.  It was also determined that the resilient nature of the POLYFORM® molded urethane foam greatly improved shock resistance.  This added a layer of device protection in the event the unit was dropped, jarred, bumped, or otherwise physically abused during use. 

The attributes of the two-piece POLYFORM® molded urethane foam design simplified the customer's production process and increased overall profit by reducing manufacturing costs and adding to device sales.

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