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DuraFlex® Rubber Compound

The Highest Quality Vibration Isolation Rubber on the Market!

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Duraflex® is a proprietary line of rubber compounds with ultra-high resiliency and fatigue life. The Duraflex® compound obtained the lowest temperature rise known to exist in the Goodrich Flexometer Test. No other rubber can claim a 0° temperature rise.

Duraflex® rubber compounds also exhibit high abrasion resistance, high tensile strength, and high fatigue-life properties, making it an ideal tire compound. In addition to the compounds listed below, there are many other custom compounds of Duraflex® rubber catered to tire formulations, conveyor belt, and other applications including military.

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Benefits of DuraFlex® Rubber Compounds

  • Scored a 0° temperature rise on the Goodrich Flexometer Test
  • Duraflex® blends exhibit high abrasion resistance and high tensile strength
  • Broad range of durometers
  • Very high cyclic fatigue strength
  • Can be tailored to specific applications – Engine Mounts, Vibratory Compactors, and more

DuraFlex® Rubber Applications:

Duraflex<sup>®</sup> Rubber Compounds
  • Engine Mounts
  • Generator Mounts
  • Vibratory Compactor
  • Vibratory Screening Equipment
  • Tire and Belting Applications

Because of its natural vibration damping properties, Polymer Technologies uses Duraflex® rubber in many of its vibration isolation solutions.

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