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POLYFORM® Molded Products (PMP) Facility

Custom Molded Foam Products

Our Polymer Molded Products (PMP) Facility

Our Polymer Molded Products (PMP) Facility is a 33,000 sq ft building located in Northern New Jersey. Inside this facility we have a team of expert engineers constantly pushing the boundaries of molded product manufacturing and always looking for new and innovative solutions to meet complex customer needs and challenges relating to energy management.

Can’t decide whether you should go with a 2D or 3D model?

With the vast array of options provided by our PMP Facility, there is virtually no limit to the solutions we can design to solve noise, thermal, or vibration issues, ensuring that you get the results you need.

Our engineers can guide you through your options and help you decide on your most appropriate solution. Polymer Molded Products Division delivers multiple improvements in an entirely new way. The major differentiator of the PMP Division versus Polymer Technologies’ other facilities, is its ability to create 3 Dimensional molded materials in  foam form.

Our 3D materials perform similarly to our 2D products, but with the added benefit of the 3D foam being able to take any shape, form, or size and attack noise or heat at the source. Depending on your needs, a 3D solution may be more beneficial than a 2D solution because of the lack of limitations.

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The Molded Products Manufacturing

On top of our uniquely developed solutions, the PMP facility also offers substantial part volume potential and manufacturing capabilities. Through the combined forces of our expert engineering team and our manufacturing facility’s capabilities, we are able to produce anywhere from a few hundred to a few million custom designed parts per year. With numbers like that to back us up, we are eager and ready to meet any challenge you can bring us, regardless of quantity, size, and design requirements.

The POLYFORM® Molded Products Advantage

How does our PMP Facility differentiate from our other manufacturing sites? Our PMP Facility offers the capabilities of true 3 Dimensional molded foam, which in itself offers unique advantages when compared to a 2 dimensional alternative. While our 2D foam has numerous incredible applications, 3D molded foam allows for enhanced effectiveness in acoustic, thermal, and vibration control because of how few pieces are required.

With 2D Foam, you can use adhesives and other binding methods to stick the 2D material into the main product in the assembly process. However, with 3D molded foam you are able to streamline the process and create a piece of foam that fits perfectly into the product you are developing. What might have required 20+ pieces of 2D material, we can often times reduce to less than 3 pieces of 3D material that have been custom fit for customer needs. Since we can create any size, shape, or form with 3D foam, it allows for a truly complete product to be developed in which every single nook and cranny will be filled up with our foam – enhancing the effectiveness of the overall product.

We currently have several proprietary molded foam formulations to offer customers depending on specific application needs. These formulas are unique to Polymer Technologies and hold up to our high quality testing requirements and standards. Every solution we create uses some selection of these proprietary formulas in them.

The POLYFORM® Molded Products Process – What to Expect from our PMP Facility

Polymer Technologies has always prided itself on a joint development process in which the customer is consulted at every step in the design and development process. This ensures that the customer is getting exactly what they need and it also provides the customer insight into how innovative and unique our custom solutions are.
Initially, our engineering team will sit down with a customer and discuss what their needs, requirements, and expectations are for their custom solution. After we have laid out a comprehensive development and manufacturing plan, the customer will send us a 3 Dimensional CAD model of the acoustical or thermal foam that they require for their solution. This model lists various measurements including material dimensions, thickness, shape, and other crucial design elements.

Once we have uploaded the 3D CAD model, we then convert that CAD model into aluminum molds. These aluminum molds are used as the structuring material that the custom foam will be produced in. The foam is then injected into the aluminum mold and takes the shape of whatever dimensions we have previously laid out. With this method, you can create a true 3 Dimensional material that has limitless design and shape options.

POLYFORM® Molded Products Facility – Success Stories & Case Studies

Our PMP Facility has seen incredible success in  recent years with a variety of high profile case studies and design innovation examples. Thanks to our team of engineers, we have shown incredible ingenuity and design creativity in a variety of different industries and we have yet to encounter a challenge we couldn’t handle.

Polymer Technologies has a history of success within the medical device and equipment industry. Recently, we developed a custom solution for a loud Hospital Bed Mattress Inflator. Initially requiring thirteen separate pieces for assembly, we were able to reduce this number to four. Not only did our custom 3D foam solution reduce the number of parts needed, there was also an increased effectiveness in acoustic and vibration isolation. Read the full case study here!

We have also seen incredible success in the Motorcycle and Transportation industries. A major marine motor manufacturer approached us with the request of designing and developing acoustical barriers for their outboard motors. The motors were operating 11-12 decibels higher than the competition, and it was crucial to the products success to get the noise levels dramatically lower. After reviewing the issue, creating the design, and manufacturing the material, our PMP Facility was able to create an acoustical foam barrier that exceeded the desired noise control and reduction in sound energy. This is yet another example of success that can be achieved by using the all-in-one acoustical, vibration isolation, and packaging solution provided by Polymer’s custom engineered POLYFORM® molded foam inserts. Find out more by reading the case study!

Our success doesn’t stop there. To learn more about our PMP Facility success, take a look at all of the case studies below:

Hospital Bed Mattress Inflator with POLYFORM® Solution

Noise Control POLYFORM® Molded Outboard Motor Application

POLYFORM® Molded Products Thermal Imaging Device for Firefighting

Motorcycle Exhaust Module Application using POLYFORM® Molded Products

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