Materials for the Appliance Industry

Vibration isolation, acoustic insulation, and thermal insulation

Materials for the Appliance Industry

Polymer Technologies’ products have a variety of uses for insulating appliances and providing vibration isolation. Whether it’s insulation for appliance walls or blower and motor applications, we can develop a custom solution for your project. Whatever your challenge with appliances may be, our engineers are excited and ready to tackle it!

Acoustic and Thermal Insulation for Walls and Exteriors

Acoustic Insulation Material

POLYDAMP® Melamine and Hydrophobic Melamine foams can provide acoustical, thermal, and vibration control in appliance walls. When water resistance is necessary, POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine foam (PHM) is extremely water repellent as opposed to the traditionally used standard POLYDAMP® Melamine foam.  This foam material also offers a degree of safety in the long-term use of these applications.  The beauty of POLYDAMP® foams lies in their low weight and extreme efficiency when compared with fiberglass materials. We also offer film facings for appliances, including reinforced aluminum foil and other UL94 V-0 compliant films for additional durability and thermal resistance in appliances.

Vibration Isolators for Feet, Bumpers, and Blower Mounts

Appliance Feet Isolator

Isolators have countless applications in the appliance equipment industry. The most prevalent use is isolating vibration in the “feet” of an appliance. Since most appliances produce a large amount of vibration and noise, our elastomeric rubbers and molded foams are perfect solutions to keep appliances quiet and stable. Our elastomeric solutions can be used as appliance feet, bumpers, blower mounts, and more. To better meet your needs, our molded isolator materials are available in both molded urethane foam and molded elastomers options.

Shock Absorption and Noise Reduction for Motors

Appliance Insulation

Custom solutions for motor housings are one of the most common applications of Polymer’s products the appliance industry. Our insulation, primarily Melamine foam, is used to line the interior of the housing or as a motor wrap to reduce noise and vibration emitted by the appliance. Our various damping materials, specifically EDPV0, are also very useful in motors because they can be applied to motor housing to reduce structural vibration that the appliance produces while active.

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