Composite Materials for Heavy Trucking and Emergency Vehicles

Innovative solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation and vibration isolation in commercial vehicles

Composite materials for heavy trucking and off highway vehicles

Since 1989, Polymer Technologies has been a leading supplier of energy management materials for emergency vehicles and the heavy trucking industry. We focus on improving the driver experience and the functionality of equipment to help manufacturers produce the most efficient and ergonomic trucks.

We’ve helped OEMs insulate engine compartments, passenger cabins, floors, walls, and firewalls to reduce the amount of noise, vibration, and heat transmitted into the cab. Our lines of anti-vibration mounts and high-performance hoses also help tackle energy and fluid management problems under your hood. Get the materials solutions you need quickly for heavy trucking and emergency vehicles with our fast turnaround times.

Acoustical Barrier Floor Mats for Trucks and Emergency Vehicles

Floor mats for noise absorption for semi trucks.

Stop the transfer of noise, vibration, and heat from entering the driver cab with POLYDAMP® acoustical floor mats. Easily create a quiet, comfortable ride while improving the aesthetics inside the cabs of semi trucks, firetrucks and ambulances. Our POLYDAMP® acoustical floor mats come with surface textures including ribbed, pyramid, and twist to provide additional anti-slip and abrasion resistance.

Thermal and Acoustical Insulation for Operator and Driver Cabs

Thermal and sound absorbing semi truck cab insulation materials

Driver cabs are both homes and offices for truck drivers. Sound damping has become a big deal in the truck industry because creating comfortable, quiet, and ergonomic operator cabs improve driver productivity and safety.

Our POLYDAMP® melamine foams and POLYDAMP® acoustical foams are suited for thermal and acoustic insulation applications in truck interiors including sleeper cabs, door panels, wall panels, interior trim, and headliners, saving significant weight vs legacy insulation. All foam insulation is available and typically supplied with protective film facings that provide additional durability, heat and light reflectivity, and oil and water resistance.

Our solutions are guaranteed to reduce the decibel levels within driver cabs and can be custom molded to meet your specifications.

Custom Molded Foam for Engine Enclosures and Truck Sound Insulation

3D molded engine enclosures for semi trucks

The heart of any truck is the engine, and heavy trucks and emergency vehicles can house a lot of power under the hood. To keep unwanted heat, vibration, and noise from escaping the engine compartment, start thinking inside the box and mold a better solution.

POLYFORM® custom molded foam provides direct noise source isolation and temperature control, giving engineers design capabilities previously unattainable. From developing a custom molded product to overmolding specialty parts, molded foam can be designed to conform to virtually any shape! 

If you’re ready to be bold, we are here to work with you to develop a molded foam solution, including but not limited to, molded engine covers, timing belts, fuel pumps, crankcase, and valve covers. See how we’ve helped heavy truck manufacturers start Thinking Forward with molded foam.

Die-Cut Foam Solutions for Engine Compartments and Firewalls

Die-Cut Foam Solutions for Engine Compartments and Firewalls

Our POLYDAMP® Melamine foam is also exceptional as insulation for engine compartments to shield drivers from excess heat, vibration, and noise. All foam insulation is available and typically supplied with protective film facings that can ultimately extend the life and improve the performance of the insulation. To further reduce heat entering the driver cab of trucks or the firewalls of emergency vehicles, consider using our POLYTECH® aluminum foil-faced fiberglass fabric.

Heavy-Duty Isolation Mounts for Heavy Trucking

Anti-vibration mounts for engines, cabs, and the components, including exhaust stacks, radiators, etc

Developed by our Elastomeric Solutions Division, DuraFlex® is a natural rubber blend for vibration isolation and tire compounds, making it one of our top solutions for heavy trucking. DuraFlex® can be used to develop a variety of precise isolation solutions, including engine mounts, radiator mounts, APU mounts, exhaust stack mounts, and more. Traditional mounts for heavy trucking often break down quickly due to heat build-up and exposure to oils and chemicals. DuraFlex® has the lowest temperature rise on the Goodrich Flexometer Test—a whopping 0°F!

Our elastomeric experts combined the best of both natural and synthetic rubber to create the highest resiliency of any known rubber.

  • Withstands usage up to 1 million miles
  • Blends high abrasion resistance and high tensile strength
  • Choose from a wide range of durometers
  • Lowest temperature rise on the Goodrich Flexometer Test

DuraFlex® materials are an excellent choice for developing engine mounts and any other high-fatigue application for heavy trucks. We supply a variety of elastomeric mounts including cup mounts, dome mounts, cylindrical mounts, high deflection mounts, and more.

Learn more about energy management applications for DuraFlex® in our case study.

High-Performance Hoses for Air and Fluid Transfer

Air and fluid transfer hose for trucks and emergency vehicles

We offer a variety of high-performance hoses for air and fluid transfer applications in heavy trucks and specialty vehicles. Our hoses are designed to meet and exceed industry standards in flexibility, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and pressure.

Common applications for our hoses include cooling, air intake, and exhaust systems. For more information about our air and fluid transfer solutions, see our High-Performance Hoses & Molded Rubber Parts page.

To learn more about our material solutions for the heavy trucking industry and emergency vehicles, download our technical data sheets.

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