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Industry Applications

Noise Control andVibration Isolation Applications

Polymer Technologies’ energy management materials have been used in the marine industry for many years. Applications include flooring, floor mats, bulkheads, and engine compartments. The goal is to reduce the amount of noise and thermal energy transmitted into marine vehicles. This is achieved by use of firewall, hood/tunnel, sidewall insulation, floor mats, engine isolation treatments, and trim treatments like headliners.

Melamine foam is ideal for Marine applications due to its extremely low density and because it’s inherently flame resistant. It also exhibits very low flame spread, smoke generation, and toxicity values. A variety of products can also be used depending on manufacturing requirements including urethane foam, acoustical barriers, and damping products.

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Noise Solutions for Marine Vehicles

Acoustic Insulation Material

Floor Mats for Acoustic Insulation

Our interior solutions for marine vehicles include POLYDAMP® acoustical floor mats. Floor mat products can be used to provide a durable wear surface while increasing the transmission loss of the floor system through the mass barrier incorporated into the floor mat product. We have a variety of different wear surfaces, our most popular being the pyramid type wear surface and the modified twist floor mat with a closed cell decoupler. These floor mats provide anti-slip and abrasion resistance while simultaneously acting as acoustical barriers to noise and vibration that enter the compartment from underneath the vehicle or through the firewall.
We provide acoustical barriers with and without foam decouplers for use as floor underlayment. POLYTECH® closed cell foams are typically used as decouplers for compression resistance, comfort, and thermal insulation while also separating the barrier and floor mat to optimize acoustical effectiveness. POLYDAMP® acoustical foams are also used as marine wall insulation.

Acoustical Foam for Bulkheads

Acoustic Insulation Material

Our solutions for marine bulkhead acoustical issues include various types of insulation applied directly to the bulkhead to reduce noise. We generally use acoustical foams, including melamine foam and urethane foam with and without a barrier. POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine foams alone, and with films and/or high mass fabrics, can be used for thermal and acoustical insulation applications. These specific foams and composites have a natural resiliency and resistance to compression set and thus ensure effectiveness throughout the vehicle’s life.

Noise & Heat Isolation for Engine Enclosures

Noise & Heat Isolation for Engine Enclosures

At Polymer, our solutions either isolate noise and heat within the marine engine compartment as much as possible or dissipate it into areas that do not directly affect the operator or passenger.  The firewall that separates the interior of the engine compartment from the passenger compartment is typically made from a range of materials based on the temperature range in the area and noise reduction needed, including absorptive foam or cellular-based products such as our POLYDAMP® acoustical foam (urethanes).

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