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Products for Medical Applications

Since Polymer's inception, we've been working with various medical equipment manufacturers to mitigate acoustic energy generated within their machines and equipment. Our medical applications have included oxygen concentrators, CPAPs & BiPAPs for respiratory therapy and obstructive sleep apnea, blood analysis equipment, thrombosis control, motorized hospital beds, and more.

For more information on previous innovations and achievements for the medical equipment industry, please see our Case Studies on Hospital Bed Mattress Inflators and Application of Medical Equipment Materials.

Acoustical Absorbers for Equipment Enclosures

Acoustic Foam in Medical Applications

In medical equipment, plastic and metal covers or shrouds surround and protect the internal components of devices such as oxygen concentrators, blood analyzers, and MRIs. POLYDAMP® Acoustic Foams and composites developed with damping or barrier material are used to reduce airborne sound and structural resonance and increase the noise blocking potential of these enclosures. In many applications, POLYFORM® Molded Foams, our 3 Dimensional molded polyurethane foams, are the ideal solution.

Materials for Blowers, Motors, and Pump Housing

Vibration Isolation

Typical noise components within a piece of equipment (such as an oxygen concentrator or CPAP) include blowers, compressors, or motors within the overall plastic housing. Acoustically absorptive materials can be used in addition to barriers and damping materials. A Polymer Technologies innovation has been the use of tuned POLYFORM® Molded Foams with proprietary formulations designed specifically for acoustical absorption applications.

The benefit of using molded products in an application is that they allow the noise source within the enclosure to be contained. Depending on the problem and design, a molded part can provide many solutions in one product, such as airborne noise reduction, isolation, transmission loss, and damping. Another large advantage of using molded products is that they allow for extensive design flexibility and freedom when working with 3 Dimensional materials. In many cases, one molded part can replace other components. For instance, in one application alone, 40 parts including isolation mounts, 2-D acoustical insulators, and air-paths created with plastic were replaced with one molded part, which significantly reduced cost and assembly time.

Noise Insulation for Intake and Exhaust Plenums

Sound Absorption Materials

With every enclosure or piece of equipment, a typical issue that comes up is bringing in cooler/fresher air to be controlled and used for patients, especially in applications like oxygen therapy or treatment for sleep disorders. In addition, air is a necessity for cooling components where excess noise is generated, calling for design of a tortuous path; this is done with traditional 2 Dimensional materials such as acoustical foams and barriers. However, it can also be accomplished using 3 Dimensional molded pieces, eliminating line of sight while maintaining an absorptive air path.

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