Composite Solutions for Military Vehicles

Thermal, Acoustic, and Vibration Products for Defense Applications

Materials for Military Vehicles

Our troops are dedicated to protecting us, so it only makes sense that we at Polymer Technologies dedicate ourselves to developing innovative composites to protect deployed troops in return. Over the last decade, we have been providing innovative materials to military manufacturers to enhance the protection and efficiency of military vehicles. We help OEMs lighten the load, figuratively and literally, for our troops while increasing their safety.

Our energy management materials have been used in HMMWVs, FMTVs, MRAPs, Bradley, and even the JLTV. Our lightweight solutions help mitigate the amount of noise, shock, and thermal energy transmitted into passenger areas to help keep our troops protected while deployed.

Military Insulation and Heat Shields for Defense Vehicles

Thermal Insulation Materials

We work with several prime vehicle contractors to develop unique composites for acoustic and thermal energy management. Our materials are suitable for use in passenger cabins, side walls, headliners, trim treatments, and more. In the industry, we are known for working with engineers to meet specific military design requirements. Many of our materials have been used in military vehicles because they comply with new requirements for greater flame resistance, increased durability, lower smoke generation, and lower toxicity emissions.

We recently helped a manufacturer of the Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV trucks) find the right insulation to prevent heat stroke in the hot, dry climate of Afghanistan.

From water repellant POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine Foam (PHM) to high-temp woven POLYTECH®  Heat Shield (HS), we will help you find the right military-grade insulation material for your needs.

Molded Foam Solutions for Engine Compartments and More

Molded foam engine cover

Prevent sound, vibration, and thermal energy at the source with molded polyurethane foam solutions. Our POLYFORM® custom molded foam, developed at our PMP Division, is fabricated to absorb impact energy, sound waves, and provide damping.

By turning to a 3D solution, defense engineers are able to develop high-quality, lightweight designs that improve the efficiency of equipment while eliminating additional parts like fasteners, parts, and screws. We often fabricate engine compartments and covers with POLYFORM®, but can work with engineers to develop custom headliners, instrument panels, trims, and more for military vehicles.

Flat foam solutions are always available as well, including POLYDAMP® acoustical foams and POLYDAMP® acoustical foam barrier composites, where Federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS-302) are required.

Military Floor Mats and Barriers

Military Floor Mats and Barriers

Our interior solutions for military vehicles include POLYDAMP® acoustical floor mats. We have a variety of different wear surfaces, our most popular being the pyramid type wear surface. These floor mats provide anti-slip and abrasion resistance. Simultaneously, they act as acoustical barriers to noise and vibration entering the compartment from underneath the vehicle or through the firewall.

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