Energy Management Materials for Power Generation

Noise Control & Vibration Isolation Solutions

Noise control and vibration isolation solutions for the power generation industry

Energy and power applications can present some of the most challenging energy management headaches. Polymer Technologies has the expertise and experience to provide OEMs with reliable, precision-engineered solutions to mitigate noise, heat, vibration, and air and fluid transfer problems. With our fast turnaround times and warehousing, we can help you get materials quickly for power generation equipment, wind turbines, battery-powered devices, and more. To learn more about our material solutions for the power generation industry, download our eGuide.

To learn more about our material solutions for the power generation industry, download our eGuide.

Vibration and Noise Control for Engine Enclosures

Vibration Damping Materials

When you work with Polymer Technologies, we will help you find the right type of material to solve your engine enclosure challenges. Our noise control experts can work with your engineers one-on-one on site to determine which products would best serve your needs for power generation.

For example, we take into account the mass of the enclosure and the spectrum of noise sources to determine whether a barrier composite, vibration damping material, POLYDAMP® acoustic foam, or custom 3D modeled foam solution is best for your energy management needs.

Noise Absorption for Doors, Service Hatches, and Plenums

Noise Control Material

Operators of air compressors and generators often spend their entire workday around noisy or inefficient equipment. Polymer Technologies works with OEMs to design and deliver material solutions to help solve energy management problems with barrier composites, acoustic foam, or gasketing solutions.

Our materials are designed to eliminate acoustical weak spots in doors and service hatches, prevent leaks or gaps in pipework, eliminate the line of sight through plenums and louvers, and more.

Hoses for Air and Fluid Transfer

Air and Fluid transfer solutions for power generation.

Our selection of rubber and silicone hoses are suitable for a variety of power generation applications. All hoses meet manufacturer specifications for temperature, pressure, flexibility, and air and fluid transfer.

Our air and fluid transfer solutions can be used in cooling systems, crossover tubing, and more. To learn about our line hoses for power generation, see our High-Performance Hoses & Molded Rubber Parts.

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