Materials for Off-Road Vehicles

Thermal, Acoustic, and Shock Absorption Solutions

Man riding an ATV with proper engine insulation and isolation mounts for a smooth journey

Polymer Technologies has been supplying insulation products and custom solutions to recreational vehicle manufacturers for over 15 years, focusing specifically on smaller vehicles such as ATVs and snowmobiles. We provide solutions ranging from sound absorption to vibration damping and high heat reflective materials. No matter the challenge, our engineers are ready to tackle it!

Heat Shields for Fuel Tanks, Mufflers, and Fenders

ATVs lined up and ready for heat shields for fuel tanks, mufflers, and fenders

Protect surfaces and equipment from extreme temperatures. POLYTECH® Heat Shields are appropriate for use in applications of up to 1000° F of radiant heat ¼” from the radiant heat source. Our heat shields are easy to apply with adhesive backing, making them ideal for assembly line applications and installation.

Insulation Products for Engine Compartments

Recreational vehicle insulation for noise reduction

Reduce the amount of heat and noise produced from ATVs, snowmobiles, and more with acoustic foam. We develop specialized POLYDAMP® Acoustical Foams and POLYDAMP® Melamine Foams with reflective facings to reduce heat and noise energy within engine compartments. Acoustic foam is easy to apply with pressure sensitive adhesive.

If applicable, POLYDAMP® Extensional Damping materials and POLYDAMP® Acoustical Barriers can be used in combination with these foams to enhance the acoustical performance of the composites for the compartment by mitigating the noise transmitted to the operator and passengers.

Molded Foam Solutions for ATVs and More

Engine compartment of ATV with overmolded parts

For manufacturers looking to improve the look and functionality of their equipment, be bold and design your own mold! Molded polyurethane foam has unlimited design possibilities, making it perfect for preventing noise, thermal, and vibration problems before your product hits the market.

Our POLYFORM® Molded Foam developed by our PMP Division is frequently used to develop custom engine compartments, motor compartments, insulation for panels, and overmolding for hand grips—if you can think it, you can mold it! If you’re ready to think inside the box and prevent excess noise, vibration, and temperatures at the source, see our molded foam solutions.

Organic and Silicone Hoses for Recreational Vehicles

Air and Fluid Transfer solutions for recreational equipment

Our line of high-performance hoses is perfectly suited for engine related applications in recreational vehicles. To learn more about our air and fluid transfer solutions for recreational vehicles, and see our High-Performance Hoses & Molded Rubber Parts page.

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