Materials for Recreational Equipment

Acoustical and Thermal Insulation and Shock Absorption

Materials for Recreational Equipment

Polymer has been supplying insulation products and custom solutions to the recreational vehicle industry for over 15 years, focusing specifically on smaller vehicles such as ATVs and snowmobiles.  We provide solutions ranging from sound absorption to vibration damping and high heat reflective materials. Applications include gas tank protection and noise control on engine covers and shrouds as well as protection from heat. Whatever your challenge may be, our engineers are excited and ready to tackle it!

Want to see how our products make lives better? Take a look at our successes in Reducing Noise on Public Buses and Isolation of Noise in Motorcycle Exhausts.

Heat Shields for Fuel Tanks, Mufflers, and Fenders

Heat Shields

POLYTECH® Heat Shields can be provided with a variety of adhesives to meet virtually any specifications for heat protection on various surfaces.  These materials are appropriate for use in applications of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit of radiant heat as close as a 1/4 " from the radiant heat source.  Our heat shields are easily applied, which makes them ideal for assembly line applications and installation.

Insulation Products for Engine Compartments

Polymer produces POLYDAMP® Acoustical Foams and POLYDAMP® Melamine Foams with reflective facings to reduce heat and noise energy from the shrouds to the compartment.  Pressure sensitive adhesives are also available for this purpose. If applicable, POLYDAMP® Extensional Damping materials and POLYDAMP® Acoustical Barriers can be used in combination with these adhesives to further enhance the acoustical performance of the composites for the compartment by mitigating the noise transmitted through to the operator and passengers.

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