Custom Energy Management Solutions for the Mass Transportation Industry

Industry Applications: Noise, Temperature, Vibration, and Air and Fluid Transfer Control

Energy management solutions for modern rail cars and trains

For over 25 years, Polymer Technologies has been a leader in energy management solutions for the mass transportation industry, providing control over noise, temperature, vibration, and air and fluid transfer. We are the go-to experts when OEMs of buses and trains need materials for engine compartments, ceilings, walls, and floors. We specialize in creating products that meet and exceed Federal Transit Authority Docket 90 and NFPA 130, which requires that materials used in mass transportation have exceptional flame resistance, lower smoke generation, and lower toxicity emission properties. With our quick turnaround times and warehousing, we can help you get the solutions you need for mass transportation vehicles fast!

To learn more about our material solutions for the mass transportation industry, download our technical data sheets.

Acoustic Insulation for Rail and Bus Applications

Acoustic Insulation for Bus

We carry a selection of insulation materials for the mass transportation industry that meet Docket 90 and NFPA 130 specifications, like our POLYDAMP® Melamine foams and POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine foams.

Our POLYDAMP® insulation is suitable for applications that focus on absorbing soundwaves, increasing transmission loss for dB reduction and stopping noise from penetrating into passengers compartments. To increase or enhance the properties of our insulation, we also have a selection of POLYTECH® Film Facings.

Insulation for Engine Compartments and Firewalls

Acoustic Insulation for Engine Compartments

Maximizing passenger and operator safety and enjoyment is one the biggest priorities of the mass transportation industry. To help keep riders comfortable, we have a selection of POLYDAMP® acoustical foam barrier composites to reduce excess noise, vibration, and thermal transmission in the interior of the vehicle. Our barrier composites and noise controlling foams are urethane and vinyl-based to meet motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS-302). POLYDAMP® Melamine foams and POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine foams are used when docket 90 and NFPA 130 requirements apply. We also carry heat shields to protect areas within engine compartments from heat sources like exhaust pipes.

Insulation for Walls and Ceilings for Buses and Rail Cars

Insulating foam for bus and rail car walls and ceilings available

Traditionally, fiberglass has been the dominant insulator for the walls and ceilings of buses and rail cars, but it is falling out of favor as more environmentally-friendly options come along, like POLYDAMP® Melamine and Hydrophobic Melamine Foam.

Our line of POLYDAMP® foam is easy to install and customize, making it a popular insulation material for mass transportation manufacturers. Our foam is also lightweight and doesn’t compress over time, retaining its insulating properties longer than fiberglass. To increase the durability and thermal resistance of our POLYDAMP® foam, we have film facings that meet Docket 90 standards.

Acoustic Insulation for Mass Transportation Flooring

Acoustic insulation for bus interiors and flooring

Prevent passenger discomfort produced by excess noise from the road, wheels, and flooring structures. Our line of POLYDAMP® Acoustical Barriers and Extensional Damping Materials reduce the transmission of sound entering through the floors of buses, providing passengers with a smooth, quiet ride. The standard products meet both FMVSS-302 requirements, and POLYDAMP® Melamine and Hydrophobic Melamine Foam may be used for Docket 90 and NFPA 130 requirements, in combination with POLYDAMP® Acoustical Barriers and Extensional Damping Materials.

Molded Polyurethane Foam Solutions for Buses and Trains

solutions for mass trait vehicles.

Flat foam solutions are useful, but turning to a molded foam solution offers bold, new, innovative methods of manufacturing for mass transportation OEMs. Prevent thermal, noise, and vibration problems at the source with a custom designed polyurethane solution that was molded to perfection to meet requirements.

With molded polyurethane foam, OEM’s can develop high-quality designs that improve the functionality of equipment while eliminating excess parts and fasteners. Design custom molded floor mats, headliners, engine compartment, components for instruments panels, and more when you start Thinking Forward with molded foam solutions.

High-Performance Hoses for Air and Fluid Transfer

air and fluid transfer for buses and trains

Polymer Technologies offers a variety of high-performance hoses and molded rubber parts that can be used for air and fluid transfer applications in mass transit vehicles. Our hoses are designed to meet and exceed industry standards in flexibility, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, and pressure. Standard applications include cooling systems, air intake, and exhaust. We also have a line of gaskets to prevent or seal leaks, holes, or gaps for noise control applications.

To learn more about our material solutions for the mass transportation industry, download our technical data sheets.

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