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Vibration Isolation Facility

Polymer’s Elastomeric Solutions Division

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Polymer’s Elastomeric Solutions Division(ESD), is housed in a 6,700 sq ft building located in Massachusetts. At our Vibration and Shock Isolation Facility, we have a team of engineers constantly pushing the boundaries of vibration and shock isolation solutions. ESD handles a diverse set of services including manufacturing, product design, material development, prototyping, cost reduction, and process development.  From developing shock isolating pads and mounts to our proprietary rubber compound, Duraflex®, Polymer Technologies continues to develop innovative and unique solutions to meet our customers’ complex and unique vibration problems.

What to Expect: The Vibration Isolation Production Process

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ESD is a full service facility in which we perform all design, development, testing, and many manufacturing processes. With so many moving parts, our daily activities are extremely diverse and must cover all aspects of manufacturing including design engineering, material engineering, process development, and more.

The first steps a project undergoes are product design, drawings and analysis. Our engineers outline exactly what the customer needs, why they need it, and the best way to achieve the desired results. Once we have verified that our custom material meets the client’s desired needs and will function according to specifications, we engineer sample material in a small batch so we can prototype and test the characteristics and durability of the product. In order to maintain high efficiency, high speed, and low costs, we also conduct material testing and prototyping in-house. This allows our engineers to quickly and efficiently alter a material if it doesn’t meet the client’s requirements.

Once the sample material has been prototyped and tested extensively, and our engineers are confident in its ability to complete the task, we begin the final process and product development phase. Our engineers outline a custom manufacturing plan in which they lay out the timeline and costs for producing the material. Depending on the quantity and requirements of the material developed, our manufacturing process, costs, and timeline can vary dramatically.

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Why Choose Polymer Technologies? The Vibration and Shock Isolation Facility Competitive Advantage

With Polymer Technologies, you can feel confident in our ability to solve any vibration or shock related problem – no matter how complicated, complex, or large! Our Vibration and Shock Isolation Team is dedicated to engineering solutions, and we are incredibly proud of the high quality and innovative products they have developed over the years.

With our Vibration and Shock Isolation Facility, there are a few key advantages that other manufacturing firms will not be able to recreate or imitate. Our main competitive advantage lies in our material expertise, especially our long life Duraflex® rubber compound. This proprietary line of rubber compounds can survive in high fatigue applications, including engine mounts and mounts for vibratory equipment. It also obtained the lowest temperature rise known in the Goodrich Flexometer Test, a milestone that no other rubber can claim. Duraflex® is able to achieve these incredible results by dispersing energy in a safer and more sustainable manner that doesn’t damage the rubber material or the equipment it is protecting.

Polymer has always focused on efficiency, supplying cost effective base materials while maintaining our standards for high quality.  Having the capability to maintain high volume manufacturing over extended periods of time also allows us to obtain economies of scale.

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