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New Website Feature: View our Technical Data Sheets!

Polymer Technologies is happy to now offer our customers the option to view product-specific technical data sheets.  Visit any of our product pages then click the View Our Technical Data Sheets link. Each product group has detailed information ranging from product thickness to temperature range, and much, much more.  Data sheets are available for Absorbers, Adhesives, Barriers, Damping Material, Film Facings, Filters, Gasketing Materials, Thermal Aids, and Molded Products. There are over 50 detailed technical data sheets for Polymer Technology products that you can gain access to today! 

Polymer Product Spotlight: Over-Molded Foam

Overmolding is the process in which a tube, metal part, or plate is being molded over by a foam application. Like traditional Polyform®, overmolding components create a more simplified process, reducing the number of parts to inventory. Polymer Technologies makes the overmolding process easy for our customers by purchasing whichever piece is in need of molding so that the customer does not have to purchase separate foam, or a separate plastic piece, for example.


Molded arm rests used in various types of vehicles are a popular use for a molded foam application, where the foam is overmolded on the outside of the metal interior of the arm rest. Overmolding can also be used as a thermal insulation around a rubber hose, plastic housings, or other metal welds, creating a bond surrounding the structure.


Read how we were able to use a molded foam application to help motorcycles go the distance:  www.PolyTechInc.com/OverMoldedExhaust

Robust Recycling Initiative Significantly Boosts Sustainability & Inspires Employees

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, Polymer Technologies began working with Waste Masters and Blue River Resources this past July. PTI launched an aggressive recycling initiative in order to help protect the environment from the waste that results from excess insulation materials and manufacturing. "We all came together as a family to take on the challenge of changing the way we recycled at Polymer Technologies, in every way," Jarred Prybutok, Executive VP & General Manager of Polymer Technologies explained. "As a company - and a family - we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and helping the environment."


How did Polymer do it? Today, Polymer Technologies compacts recyclable insulation materials into bales, stores the bales in a trailer provided by Waste Masters, and once every three weeks, arranges for the trailer to be transported by Waste Masters to the Blue River Resources facility (just south of Wilmington, DE).


Polymer Technologies also wanted to inspire other Delaware businesses to embrace the power of recycling to keep our environment a friendly one! Read more about our recycling program.

Polymer Technologies, Inc. Receives Silver Boeing Performance Excellence Award

Earlier this year, PTI received a 2012 Boeing Performance Excellence Award.  The Boeing Company issues the award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved superior performance.  Polymer Technologies maintained a Silver composite performance rating for each month of the 12-month performance period, from Oct. 1, 2011, to Sept. 30, 2012.


"We are profoundly happy to have received this award from The Boeing Company," said Robert Prybutok, Polymer Technologies Founder, President & CEO.  "It is an honor to be recognized for our dedication to performance excellence.  Every day, each member of the Polymer team contributes to ensuring our customers receive the highest level of service and product performance.  Each one of us shares this award equally."


In 2000, Polymer Technologies introduced their POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine Foam (PHM) to The Boeing Company.  PHM is an extremely lightweight insulation material which exhibits exceptional resistance to heat, flame propagation, and smoke.  Perhaps the most integral feature of PHM is its resistance to water.  PHM also possesses excellent acoustical insulation properties.  Boeing issued sole source procurement of PHM.  Today Polymer Technologies PHM material is used in every Boeing aircraft produced.  Read more about our award in the news section of our website.

Some things you may have missed:

Polymer Technologies is protecting those who protect us! We help avoid melt-downs with flame retardant seating specially designed for Tactical Vehicles - Here's How!


Another Noisy Problem Solved! Polymer used POLYFORM® Molded products to quiet a hospital mattress inflator. Interested in learning more? Visit the  Polymer Technologies blog.


Our Custom Molded Foam Products helped improve the functionality of a thermal imaging device used by fire fighters! Check out our blog to get all the details:  blog.polymertechnologies.com


Welcome to the Team, Peter Riley!

Peter Riley recently joined the PTI team as a Regional Sales Manager last month. He is responsible for operations in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. 
Not only does Peter have experience and expertise in noise control, thermal management, and gasketing components, but he also came with a proven track record as a Polymer Technologies Sales Representative! We believe Peter is an invaluable asset not only to the Polymer team, but to all our customers in his territory. 
Welcome to the team, Peter!

Power-Gen 2013

Polymer Technologies just returned home from the POWER-GEN International Conference!  For the 6th year in a row, we showcased our most popular noise reduction materials and molded foam products.  We were so happy to see many of you there and are already looking forward to next year's show.


Can you keep up with Polymer Technologies? Check our trade show schedule often to see when we'll be in a town near you!


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