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Polymer Technologies Summer Newsletter preview
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Polymer Technologies Summer Newsletter preview
Polymer Technologies Summer Newsletter preview

When I founded Polymer Technologies in the 1980's, I could only hope to work with other businesses and individuals such as you.  Decades later, I find myself in great company, partnering to produce some of the most dynamic, important mechanisms and safe transport of our time.  I thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support and dedication to our business.  Together, moving forward, we will continue to pave the road of innovation within our industries and devise the greatest solutions to the most complex problems. 


--Robert  Prybutok


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State-of-the-Art Manufacturing: The Perforating Press
Having a perforating press in our roster of machinery allows us to perform unrivaled installation of our insulation parts ensuring completed projects achieve superior results.  This large, high-performance piece of equipment easily punctures our line of foams with or without facing/backing.  Delivering speeds up to 10 strokes per minute, tools may be acquired to provide a variety of patterns, with 1/8" holes on 2" patterns available currently.  The perforating process aids in insulation installation and helps eliminate the possibility of air being trapped behind the insulation.

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Find out more about Polymer Technologies latest tradeshowLast December, for the 5th year in a row, Polymer Technologies participated in the POWER-GEN International conference and exhibit.  Showcasing our dynamic line of acoustical and thermal composites, our POLYDAMP® line of noise absorbers, sound barriers, vibration damping, gasketing, and thermal materials were a huge hit!  Along with more than 1,200 other companies, we converged on Orlando, FL. and set a precedent for the future of power engineering.  We are looking forward to Power-Gen 2013!  

Will we see you on the road soon?


October 1st-3rd | Aircraft Interiors Expo Americas (Seattle)
For more information on this conference, please visit:
November 12th - 14th | Power-Gen International (Orlando)
For more information on this conference, please visit:



October 1st - 3rd | SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress (Rosemont)
For more information on this conference, please visit:
October 21st - 23rd | AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition (Washington, DC)
For more information on this conference, please visit:

POLYFORM© Molded Products:
Solving Problems
Our POLYFORM© Molded Products are engineered and manufactured specifically for energy management, combining the best qualities in noise absorption, transmission loss, damping, isolation, and thermal insulation-all in one product!

Fire Fighting Technology

Couldn't take the heat but couldn't get out of the kitchen either.


Polymer Technologies Newsletter flame retardant equipment for firefighters
Firemen use a thermal imaging camera that needed a longer operational cycle in extreme conditions.

Two-piece POLYFORM© component increased shock and thermal resistance, extending operational life five to six minutes.

Result: Firemen can more safely see and plan how to fight a fire, helping save lives while protecting their own.Using PHDM-IS High Density Molded-Integral Skin, we aid America's heroes in saving lives and valuable property.  PHDM-IS performs to its full potential when used as a shock absorber in hand-held equipment, in-cab transmission covers and armrests.  Some key features of PHDM-IS are: 

  • Sound attenuation, isolation, thermal control and sealing
  • 10-20 lb/ft3 self-skinning flexible foam
  • Abrasion resistant, high tear strength and low water absorption properties
Contact us today  to find out how we can solve your noise, thermal or vibration problem.

Spotlight On: Fire Retardant and Burn Resistant Films

Polymer Technologies offers many solutions for your thermal film demands.  We manufacture heat shields, foil facings and polymers for high temperature engine applications.  These materials can be applied directly to surfaces or used in combination with our high temperature foams.


Our Polytech® Heat Shield HS-0035-ALVA3 is an aluminum, foil-faced fiberglass fabric and acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive composite designed to reflect radiant heat while offering excellent protection to high heat exposure.  This thermal insulation shield is commonly used for gas tanks and is best used for areas exposed to extreme heat from exhaust pipes, turbos, and other heat generating systems. 


Another popular shield option is our Polytech® Heat Shield AF-0020.  This shield is also aluminum, foil-faced fabric that functions as a thermal reflective insulation.  It offers excellent protection for metal and plastic surfaces exposed to high heat and retains good residual strength after exposure to flame.  It is often used as a protective high-temperature facing on Melamine and other foams.


POLYDAMP®  Protective Fabric H3304 is part of our family of Mass Fabrics commonly used for aircraft applications, but is also an integral part of sole-sourced UL94 V-0 insulation package developed for the HMMWV  A lightweight fiberglass fabric coated with an advanced fire-retardant polymer coating, H3304 is typically used in combination with POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic and Standard Melamine Foams (PHM and PMF) and Polytech Low Flame and Smoke closed cell foam (PLFS-CC).  This material offers extreme resistance to flame propagation and burn through while increasing acoustical insulation performance.


The Polytech® Reinforced Aluminum Foil Facing (RAF) is reinforced with glass fiber and thermally fused to an aluminized backing.  Used on a variety of foams, this facing is highly stable in severe environments and extremely flame resistant. 


Polytech® Reinforced Vinyl Facing (XRV) is a strong, abrasion-resistant vinyl material used as a protective barrier for foams.  XRV is an attractive film often chosen for decorative purposes and when combined with PHM, PMF and PLFS-CC, meets UL94 V-0 requirements.  XRV comes in black, green, and grey.  This reinforced facing is micro porous which enhances its acoustical absorption properties. 


A Scrim reinforced and metalized Polyetheretherketone film, the POLYDAMP® ® RMEKL5 Covering Film is fire retardant with a heat activated adhesive.  Lightweight and tear resistant, this film is commonly used with aircraft thermal acoustic insulation and is qualified under Boeing Material Specifications.


The POLYDAMP® ® KL5 is delustered PEKK film with flame retardant, heat activated adhesive for use with our POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine Foam.  Used for aircraft thermal acoustic insulation, POLYDAMP® KL5 is Boeing approved and extremely lightweight to assist in reducing operating costs.


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