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Polymer Technologies contact contact newsletter

Polymer Technologies Celebrates 25 Years in Business

By: Robert Prybutok

It seems like yesterday I was set up in my dining room, laying out plans and building the groundwork for Polymer Technologies.  1989, the year my entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, was not an easy year.  Any business person that set out to build a business from the ground up knows exactly what I mean.  Looking back on the man I was then, a man with only air in his pockets and a vision on the horizon, I know Polymer Technologies would not be the business it is today if not for my family, colleagues (many of whom were integral in building this business and are still working with me today), and you, our partners customers, and friends.

The past 25 years have been a journey of discovery, milestones, hard work, and celebration.  Most importantly, it has been a journey to provide opportunities for the Polymer Technologies family to grow, share common goals, and maintain incredible energy.  It's through our commitment and dedication to our products that we are able to supply our manufacturing partners with solutions that are innovative and designed to meet every aspect of their needs.

 We're looking forward to the next 25 years and are so very happy you are here to join us on the ride!

 Read more about Polymer's 25th Anniversary on our website: www.polytechinc.com/25thAnniversary

Delivering Efficiency: Autoship Notifications

 Are you getting notified every time we send out your shipments?  If you aren't taking advantage of our autoship notification services, what are you waiting for?

 Sometimes surprise packages brighten our day but most of the time, they just add to our already hectic workload.  Stay in-the-know for every delivery from Polymer Technologies.  To sign up for this helpful service, contact Loretta Sharkey at Loretta@polytechinc.com.


Testing, Testing... Learn More About PTI's Robust Testing Processes

 Here at Polymer Technologies, we believe a collaborative customer experience is the greatest value a testing facility can deliver! The Polymer Testing Center - our testing hub and prototyping lab - works collaboratively with clients, utilizing state-of-the-art measurement equipment and customized software managed by our team of highly skilled engineers and experts.

Water Absorption Testing

 Testing is typically conducted in Polymer's hemi-anechoic Acoustical Test Chamber, which is ideal for portable, electrically powered components. Large, combustion engine powered components are tested at one of our free-field locations. The Polymer engineering team also routinely conducts acoustical testing at customer locations - delivering Polymer's acoustical and thermal testing expertise directly to your door!


Whether testing for material performance consistency for an aerospace client, thermal insulation performance capabilities for a transportation client, or acoustical performance for a client in the construction equipment arena, Polymer Technologies utilizes leading-edge compatibility testing and prototyping to evaluate and determine ideal materials, conditions, and performance parameters.

Learn more about our testing center at www.polytechinc.com/testing


Product Spotlight: Micro Perforated Materials

We are constantly working to develop new technologies, new applications for current technologies, and be the leader in new industry trends. We recently developed a proprietary design for a Micro-Perforating Press that is being used to produce new styles and designs for our materials. The Micro-Perforating Press creates pin-prick holes in the facing of a composite, allowing for increased acoustical energy infiltration, which aids in the absorption of energy and sound.  Not only does this open us up to new product design, it also allows us to enhance legacy designs.

Not sure why we're so excited about micro perf?  

Contact us and we'll tell you all about it!


The perforating press is advantageous to the power generation market due to the need of having a foil facing provide reflection of radiant energy. It is an invaluable tool for Polymer because it allows us to enhance our products without taking away from the existing quality and stability of our composites; the perforations positively impact the acoustical absorption while at the same time, does not negatively impact the function of a foil faced composite for heat rejection. In layman's terms, you are getting the best of both worlds with Polymer Technologies - we don't compromise quality for design. 


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October 13-15 Houston, Texas

Aircraft Interiors Expo

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October 14-16 Seattle, Washington

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December 9-11 Orlando, Florida

During any of the shows, if you want to meet up with us easily, just send a Tweet to @polytechinc!

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