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Polymer Technologies is Pumped to Stay Cool for the Summer
By Robert Prybutok

It is a scorcher outside! Our SquishyFlex® and ArmorFlex® generator mounts are the perfect solution for protecting your engine, even in harsh weather. No matter the season, we are ready to help you find the right material solution to manage thermal energy, noise reduction, and vibration isolation-check out our SquishyFlex® and ArmorFlex® product lines!

We're also excited to announce that we have been mentioned in Rubber & Plastics News because of our new line of air and fluid products. Our new high-performance hoses and molded rubber parts are grabbing attention across the nation, and we are pleased to see customers utilizing our innovative solutions. It might be summer, but we don't take time off from helping you find the best energy management solutions. See what's new at Polymer!

Product Spotlight: ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex® Mounts

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Excessive vibration can spell disaster for the engine running your semi-truck, generator, or cooling unit. We understand how important it is to keep your equipment running in top shape. Polymer Technologies offers two lines of anti-vibration engine mounts to meet your vibration isolation needs, ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex®.

Both lines of engine mounts are easy to install, drip-proof, and fail-safe. In the event of catastrophic failure, the mounts remain captured, preventing the isolated system from becoming a projectile—a must-have for vehicle engine mounting!

ArmorFlex® is designed with an ideal axial to radial spring rate ratio for engines, generators, and compressors. SquishyFlex® has a similar design but offers three different spring rates instead of two: vertical, lateral, and fore/aft. The ratios of these spring rates is optimized for engine and generator mounting, particularly in mobile applications.

Want to keep your engine running strong? Check out our ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex® mounts.

Employee Spotlight: Cathy Vance and Mike Haupt

We are saddened to announce that Cathy Vance has retired from Polymer Technologies Inc. after 24 years of dedicated service. In addition to her role as Quality Manager, she also served as our HR Manager. During her time with us, Cathy has continuously led the charge in improving many systems and processes throughout all departments, including the creation of our quality management system.

We are beyond grateful for the impact Cathy made as part of our team. Her professionalism has been a positive example to the many customers she touched throughout the years as our quality manager. We wish Cathy health and happiness as she enters this new chapter in her life.

We are also happy to announce that Mike Haupt will be entering into his new role as Supply Chain and Quality Manager, and is now in charge of both purchasing and quality management. Mike has been with us since 2012, and he has played a vital role in all areas of our operation. We are excited to move ahead and continue to find solutions to solve our customer's energy management problems.

Polymer Technologies Highlighted in Rubber & Plastics News

Polymer Technologies Highlighted in Rubber & Plastics News

Polymer was recently highlighted in Rubber & Plastics News for our new line of air and fluid transfer solutions. We're expanding our line of energy management solutions to meet growing demand. Polymer now offers new custom hoses and molded rubber parts directly to manufacturers who need fluid and air distribution on engines and related systems, including cooling packs and emission controls.

Not only are we providing engineered high-performance hose and rubber parts, but our new distributorship allows for lower costs and shorter development cycles, as well as a domestic support network. Ultimately, our customers get to have great new products and significant cost savings. Find out more about our air and fluid transfer solutions.

On The Road Again

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