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Polymer Technologies Welcomes a New Year of Innovative Solutions
By Robert Prybutok

As 2016 begins, Polymer Technologies is looking forward to another year of innovation. We know that more challenges are ahead for our customers, and we can’t wait to tackle them with our custom solutions. We’ve been hard at work developing the acoustical and thermal solutions you’ve come to expect. In particular, we’re excited about a new product launch that is on the horizon for our Elastomeric Solutions Division. You’ll find out all about it in time when we make our official announcement. We are also putting our creative energy at work developing innovative impact dissipation materials for the military and sports markets, more to come on those initiatives soon.

We strive to be more than just a product or service provider - we strive to become an invaluable asset, and to serve as an extension of your manufacturing and design team. That’s why we will continue exceeding industry standards and gaining relevant certifications as we move forward.

Thanks for standing alongside our team,

Bob Prybutok

Employee Spotlight: Jason Neri

When the typical businessperson hears the term “business development,” an ordinary salesperson might come to mind. Jason Neri, Polymer Technologies’ New Business Development Specialist, puts his own spin on the job. Rather than putting all the emphasis on building new business relationships for Polymer, Jason focuses on helping businesses improve their products. To learn more about Jason, you can read his full bio.

Product Spotlight: POLYDAMP® Melamine Foam (PMF)

Our POLYDAMP® Melamine Foam (PMF) is the most effective core material for seat construction in tactical vehicles. In addition to the flame retardant properties of the polyurethane that is traditionally used in seat construction, PMF is 15 times lighter with a weight between .4 and .6 lbs per cubic foot. With PMF as a core and with thinner increments of traditional flame retardant modified urethane foam as top surface, we can maintain a low weight with enhanced foam resistance and improved survivability. These highly filled and combustion modified urethanes are traditionally cut to shape and assembled into a required seat profile. To learn more, you can read about our Thermal Insulation Materials.

Featured Case Study: Noise Reducing Molded Foam for Oxygen Concentrator

Noisy medical equipment can have a significantly negative impact on quality of life for its users. A manufacturer contacted Polymer Technologies for help with reducing the noise of their existing model of compact oxygen concentrators. Polymer worked with the customer to come up with a solution using molded foam to absorb some of the excessive noise that the units generated. To learn more about Polymer’s solution, you can read the full case study.


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Case Studies: Noise Reducing Insulation for Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial grade vacuum cleaners are often built without taking into account comfortable noise output levels conducive to an office environment. Therefore, the loud motor noise of the vacuums can be damaging to office workers’ comfort and ability to concentrate, decreasing their productivity. A manufacturer of commercial vacuum cleaners came to Polymer for a molded foam solution that would mitigate noise. To learn how Polymer solved the problem, you can read the full case study.


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