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Take vibration, noise, and temperature control to a bold new dimension with molded foam solutions. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) striving to develop superior products can harness the powerful possibilities working with molded polyurethane foam provides.

Polymer’s Molded Product Division, PMP, is a molded polyurethane foam manufacturer in Central New Jersey. While flat foam has its uses, we help innovative designers use 3D molded foam products to shape and reshape their future product development and achieve flawless results.

Learn more about the process of working with PMP to develop a custom molded solution in this infographic.

Inside the Molded Foam Manufacturing Process

See how Polymer Technologies molds polyurethane foam into custom shapes at the Polymer Molded Products (PMP) facility.

Mold These Open Cell Polyurethane Foams to Your Will

PMP's polyurethane foams are ideal for applications that require sound attenuation, isolation, and thermal control. We have different formulations of molded polyurethane foam so you can tackle specific energy management concerns right at the source!

Custom Cut Foam

POLYFORM® High-Density Molded Foam - Integral Skin (PHDM-IS) »

  • 10 – 20 lb/ft3 flexible self-skinning open cell polyurethane foam
  • High-density skin provides excellent abrasion resistance, high tear strength, good elongation, and low water absorption properties
  • Suitable noise barrier material
  • Ideal for branding custom parts like floor mats, headliners and other highly visible areas

Polyurethane Foam

POLYFORM® High-Density Molded Foam - Non-Skinned (PHDM-NS) »

  • 10 – 20 lb/ft3 flexible non-skinning open cell foam. 
  • Foam provides high resilience, good tear strength, and good elongation properties
  • Formulated for low emissions and non-staining end use requirements 
  • Suitable material for broadband frequency absorption

Polyurethane Foam

POLYFORM® Low-Density Molded Foam - High Resilient (PLDM-HR) »

  • 3 – 6 lb/ft3 flexible non-skinning open cell foam
  • Foam provides high resilience, low fatigue loss, and good cushioning quality
  • Used for applications requiring sound attenuation, thermal control, and cushioning
  • Suitable for absorbing mid to high-frequency sound waves

Why Choose a Custom Molded Foam Solution?

Go from a good product design to a superior product design all by switching to a molded foam solution. Yes, 2D die-cut foam can solve noise, vibration, and thermal problems, but a flat material isn’t always the best go-to solution for energy management. Molded polyurethane foam enables manufacturers to think inside the box like never before and prevent noise, vibration and thermal problems at the source.

Custom Molded Foam Solution

Collaborate With Us

  • Eliminate fasteners, screws, and parts
  • Block or absorb excess sound waves
  • Mitigate shock and isolate vibration
  • Streamline assembly processes
  • Improves the quality and performance of products
  • Reduces the overall cost of manufacturing

Noise, Vibration, and Temperature Emissions Are Not Afterthoughts

No more stuffing engine compartments, compressors, motors, and equipment with flat foam to try and prevent excess noise, vibration, and high temperatures. Say goodbye to returning to the drawing board when a product needs to be reworked before it goes to market. Develop bold, high-quality designs that come to life as envisioned by Thinking Forward with a molded polyurethane foam solution.

Step by Step Custom Molded Foam Part Development

Creating a custom molded foam part can seem challenging for many manufacturers, as it is a new frontier. Don’t let nerves stop your production from trailblazing! Now is the time to grab innovation by the horns. Our Molded Products Division, PMP, will work with your development team to empower your manufacturing to go boldly in directions it hasn’t before.



Let’s sit down face-to-face and discuss what will make your product concept go from good to great. From basic requirements and target audience to supply chain considerations, we’ll get down to essentials to uncover the elements of a successful design for your product.

Design & Development

Design & Development

Now the fun really starts—how is your product going to look and function? We will help you quantify your design to ensure it operates efficiently while maintaining your concept’s core functionality and aesthetics. Wondering how this bold new product is going to come to life? Together, we’ll walk through your production and uncover processes molded polyurethane foam can improve or eliminate. By removing the need for fasteners, screws, or ties, you can streamline manufacturing in ways previously unavailable—now, that’s Thinking Forward!



It’s alive! But is it up to par? A prototype tool can be built, or our prototyping team can CNC water-jet cut and assemble foam parts from sheet stock to mimic the molded design so you can test for success! We’ll work with you and provide testing as necessary to ensure your brand new product meets and exceeds your requirements.

Ready to roll out your product?

So are we! As your dedicated supplier, we will provide you with fast turnaround times to get you the parts you need A.S.A.P.

Featured Molded Foam Case Studies

There are so many ways to Think Forward with molded foam solutions, the sky's the limit! Below are some of the ways we’ve helped OEMs think inside the box successfully.

Noise Reducing Molded Foam for Oxygen Concentrator

Noisy medical equipment seriously impacts patient comfort and health. See how we helped patients recover in peace.
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Hospital Bed Mattress Inflator with POLYFORM Solution

Find out how we helped this OEM improve their hospital bed inflator by considering patient comfort and safety first.
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POLYFORM® Molded Products: Thermal Imaging Device (Firefighting Technology)

Every second counts. See how we gave firefighters an edge over extreme temperatures to rescue people in danger.
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Application of Medical Equipment Materials

We helped an OEM take their product from good to great by reducing parts, noise produced, and manufacturing cost. Find out how!
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Noise Control POLYFORM® Molded Outboard Motor Application

The roar of a motor can sound exciting, but not when it’s ruining a beach day. See how we helped this OEM get control over excess noise.
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Motorcycle Exhaust Module Application

Tired of having customers say, “WHAT? I can’t hear you!” over the sound of your equipment? So was this OEM before we helped them out.
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Industries That Are Powered by PMP

The following industries have harnessed the power of custom molded foam, but manufacturers are constantly surprised and inspired by the ways PMP can turn product concepts into reality.

Ready to be Bold and Forge Your Own Molded Foam Solution?

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