Energy Management Case Studies

Expert engineering from the leading manufacturer of noise, thermal, and vibration control products.

Polymer Technologies Inc. has been developing innovative and unique solutions for acoustical, thermal, and vibration management for over 25 years. In that time, we have developed unique expertise that sets us apart from other manufacturers. From flame retardant seating for tactical vehicles all the way to noise controlled motorcycle exhausts, we pride ourselves on each and every unique solution that our expert engineering team has developed!

For full analysis and explanation, please review our case studies below.

  • See how we helped protect Polymer Hoses in Heavy-Duty Engines from High Temperatures.
  • See how we helped a generator manufacturer create a smoother, quieter product.
  • Find out how we protected composite materials from extreme heat in high-performance cars.
  • Find out how we helped a European manufacturer find a reliable thermal and acoustical solution.
  • Heavy trucks are designed to be tough, and what’s going on under the hood should be a top priority for engineers. Polymer Technologies, Inc (PTI) was approached by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of diesel engines for heavy trucks that were having engine trouble.
  • A European manufacturer came to Polymer because of a noisy oxygen concentrator. Here's how we solved the problem. Polymer proposed using a custom molded high-density non-skinned foam to improve noise reduction and assembly time.
  • A well-known manufacturer of brand-name vacuum cleaners came to Polymer Technologies Inc. for a noise and vibration solution that would make their product suitable for a commercial office environment during business hours. The customer tested various foam solutions from Polymer until finding one that complied with their needs for noise reduction and cost-effectiveness while meeting the UL 94 V-0 flammability standard.
  • In addition to the electronic functions of medical equipment, patient comfort is also a concern when designing a device for home use. Polymer Technologies worked with a medical manufacturer of a heart monitoring device that consisted of two components: a device placed inside the patient's heart, and the foam cushion containing electronics that read the information from the device. Because the patient needed to lie down on the foam cushion, the client came to Polymer in order to perfect its design in terms of both comfort and cost-effectiveness when developing a new and improved generation of the product.
  • A high-end manufacturer of blenders for home and commercial use contacted Polymer Technologies, Inc. for help with reducing the noise and vibration their blenders create. Polymer consulted with the customer on various improvements to the product and also developed a custom foam insertion, enabling the manufacturer to be confident that their blenders are as quiet as possible.
  • Up-armoring military HMMWV (Humvees) for combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan with our superior cab liner composite. The solution helps protect troops from rocket-propelled grenades as well as IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) planted in the road.
  • A high-profile company was looking to create a brand new, high-end residential cooling and heating system. As an industry leader, they needed cutting edge design that was also environmentally conscious.
  • A cab and chassis manufacturer from the Midwest approached Polymer Technologies with an aesthetic issue with their interior cab. The cab's metal frame is now covered with a layer of insulation to protect passengers from uncomfortable temperatures and noise based on Polymer's recommendation and testing.
  • We developed closed-cell foam with custom facing and adhesive backing to replace flimsy and unsightly wrap material. The custom designed solution improved the aesthetics, assembly process, and both material and assembly costs.
  • Polymer Technologies improved the acoustical performance of gas pumps while also reducing the pump's assembly cost and improving the health of the customer's assembly workers. Melamine foam with foil facings was used to replace mineral wool.
  • Tactical military vehicles are constructed with fire-retardant components; however, it was discovered that the level of flame resistance for previously constructed vehicles underperformed. Polymer Technologies performed an analysis based on the anticipated needs and was able to recommend materials that would increase the safety of passengers.
  • Using a custom molded foam solution, Polymer Technologies was able to mitigate the noise emissions from an electronic inflator pump while also isolating vibrations caused by the blower–all with a one-piece, custom-designed insert.
  • Current Thermal Imaging Devices have a very short lifespan in the hot and harsh environments that firefighters deal with on a daily basis. Polymer Technologies developed a two-piece POLYFORM® molded urethane foam that offered superior thermal insulating capabilities and allowed for a longer product lifespan.
  • The Army's Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) caused soldiers to become ill from the heat inside the truck. Following initial thermal testing, Polymer developed a three-piece headliner package that surrounded the machine gun turret that, in turn, reduced the amount of radiant heat inside the truck.
  • A manufacturer of medical equipment materials needed a redesign on a respiratory medical device. Polymer was able to reduce the number of pieces used from 37 parts to a single molded foam part. This also reduced overall product noise, and lowered the manufactured cost of the medical device by 12%.
  • A marine manufacturing client was having issues with an Outboard Motor being louder than a competitor. After extensive testing, Polymer Technologies developed molded urethane foam that was able to surround the lower unit of the motor. The end result was an acoustical barrier that met the desired noise control and reduction in sound energy.
  • A leading motorcycle manufacturer needed to reduce shock energy produced from a muffler exhaust actuator. Polymer Technologies used POLYFORM® molded urethane foam insulation that absorbed the shock energy of the current exhaust. This in turn led to a reduction in the number of warranty claims for the client.

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