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  • Solutions by Polymer Technologies will help you overcome challenges related to production costs, fuel-efficiency, passenger comfort and safety, and more. The eGuide includes our top recommended material solutions, technical data sheets, and informative articles. Read more
  • For years, Polymer Technologies, Inc. has been helping OEMs of agriculture and construction equipment enhance their machinery. We help manufacturers find the right materials to mitigate excess vibration, noise, and heat while improving the life of the machine. Read more
  • Finding the right materials at the right cost can cause a constant struggle between purchasing and other departments, but it doesn't have to be that way. Polymer Technologies knows purchasing and manufacturing can work in perfect harmony because we've dealt with the same challenges you have. In this eGuide, we share tips based on our experiences.
  • Purchasing departments face many challenges when managing the costs of materials. Often, companies ask themselves: Can we get the items we need at the quality and cost we need? Polymer Technologies works with purchasing departments every day and understands their struggles; and in this eGuide, we offer solutions.
  • POLYFORM® Molded Products solve a multitude of problems in high-end use applications. Manufactured expressly for energy management, they offer absorption, transmission loss, damping, and isolation–all in one product! Check out the brochure to learn more.

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