Noise Reduction Solutions

Let us help you absorb, block, or damp unwanted sound waves. We are a manufacturer of standard and custom products including acoustic foams, barriers, and extensional dampers. We can take your design concept to production launch with a custom noise reduction solution, or we can improve upon an existing product and work together to reduce your assembly costs with a more streamlined solution. Our mission is to engineer a quieter world.

Noise Reduction Solutions for Your Greatest Challenge

  • HVAC & ECS Duct Insulation
  • Damping Floor & Ceiling Systems
  • Damping Cab Walls and Operator Cabs
  • Wall & Fuselage Insulation
  • Damping Firewalls
  • Damping Engine Compartments
  • Interior Panel Insulation
  • Damping Engine Enclosures
  • Door, Service Hatch, and Plenum Insulation

Sound Solutions for a Quieter World

Read our noise reduction case studies to find out how we’ve helped major manufacturers

Case Study: Noise Reducing Molded Foam for Oxygen Concentrator

Noise Reducing Molded Foam for Oxygen Concentrator

A manufacturer of electronic medical equipment needed to make a quieter oxygen concentrator. See how we helped them increase patient comfort.

Case Study: Customized Truck Cab Insulation

Custom Truck Cab Insulation Solutions

We helped a Midwest cab and chassis manufacturer insulate their cab’s metal frame. Learn how we saved them costs and gave their passengers a quiet and comfortable ride.

Case Study: Noise Reducing Insulation for Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Noise Reducing Insulation for Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

We damped the loud motors in a commercial vacuum, allowing cleaning crews to work during the day. Find out how we made that motor purr.

Featured Noise Reduction Solutions

POLYDAMP® Acoustical Barrier

POLYDAMP® Acoustical Barrier

  • Made from a flexible vinyl-based polymer
  • Flammability Rating UL94 HBF listed
POLYDAMP® Melamine Foam

POLYDAMP® Melamine Foam

  • Extremely lightweight and flexible open-cell foam
  • Exceptional resistance to heat and flame
POLYDAMP® Acoustical Foam

POLYDAMP® Acoustical Foam

  • Open cell ether-based urethane foam
  • Hydrolytically stable and resistant to heat, moisture, and chemicals

The Solution Process

You Have a Problem

You have a challenge, whether it’s with a new or an existing product.

Collaborate With Us

You bring us your project and together we find the right solution.

The Success is Yours

You get a solution that is more functional, less costly to assemble, and longer lasting.

View Our Technical Data Sheets

We offer access to a sampling of over 50 free technical data sheets, so you know the exact specifications of our noise, temperature, and vibration solutions.

Download Technical Data Sheets

Need help finding a noise reduction solution for your complex problems? Just ask our experts!

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