Thermal Insulation Solutions

We’re a thermal insulation manufacturer that specializes in managing conductive and radiant heat energies using high temperature foam insulation and reflective barriers. Bring us your temperature control challenges, and we’ll work with you to create application-specific composites that meet your needs. Our goal is supplying your business with the right thermal insulation materials while simplifying assembly and reducing production costs. Industries from heavy trucking to aerospace rely on our high temperature foam insulation, heat shields, and other thermal insulation solutions.

Temperature Control Materials for Your Greatest Challenge

  • HVAC & ECS Insulation
  • Turbo & Exhaust Shields
  • Wall & Fuselage Insulation
  • Hose & Tubing Shields
  • Gas Tank Insulation
  • Cab & Engine Insulation

Powerful Solutions for Thermal Insulation Problems

Read our case studies to find out how we’ve helped major manufacturers with thermal insulation foam and heat shields

Case Study: High Temperature Foam Insulation for Device Used by Firefighters

Polyform® Molded Products: Thermal Imaging Device (Firefighting Technology)

Firefighters face extreme situations. Find out how we helped protect their thermal imaging equipment from high temperatures and beat the heat!

Case Study: Customized Truck Cab Insulation

Customized Truck Cab Insulation

Truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road, and they deserve to drive in comfort and style. Learn how we helped a cab and chassis manufacturer keep their drivers riding comfortably.

Case Study: Environmentally Conscious Electric Cooling and Heating System with Closed-Cell Foam

Environmentally Conscious Electric Cooling and Heating System with Closed-Cell Foam

We helped create an environmentally-conscious cooling and heating system by ditching fiberglass insulation.

Featured Foam Insulation Solutions and Heat Shields

POLYDAMP® Melamine Foam (PMF)

POLYDAMP® Melamine Foam (PMF)

  • Lightweight open-cell melamine foam
  • Exceptional resistance to heat and flame
  • Reduces thermal emissions
POLYDAMP® Polyimide Foam

POLYDAMP® Low Emissivity Foam (PLE)

  • Highly polished foil surface reflects 98% of radiant heat
  • Emissivity Value of 0.032
  • Lightweight and thin insulation material
POLYTECH® Heat Shield (HS) for high temperature insulation

POLYTECH® Heat Shield (HS)

  • High temperature insulation material
  • Extremely thin and lightweight composite
  • Reflects 98% of radiant energy

The Solution Process

You Have a Problem

You have a challenge, whether it’s with a new or an existing product.

Collaborate With Us

You bring us your project and together we find the right solution.

The Success is Yours

You get a solution that is more functional, less costly to assemble, and longer lasting.

View Our Technical Data Sheets

We offer access to a sampling of over 50 product-specific technical data sheets so you know the exact specifications of our noise, temperature, and vibration solutions.

Download Technical Data Sheets

Bring us your complex problems and we’ll find a temperature control solution.

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