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Partner with us to develop a solution that solves your vibration control problem while simplifying product assembly, reducing fasteners, parts, and overall costs. Bring us your project, and we'll get to work.

Vibration Control Solutions for your Greatest Challenge

Vibration Damping

Vibration damping is the process of absorbing vibration energy to reduce the amount of energy being transmitted to the equipment. We offer a selection of vibration damping materials to reduce resonant vibrations.

We Love a Vibration Control Challenge

Read our vibration control case studies to find out how we’ve helped major manufacturers

Case Study: Motorcycle Exhaust Module Application

Motorcycle Exhaust Module Application

We found a solution to help a motorcycle manufacturer reduce shock produced from an electromechanical muffler exhaust system. Find out we gave them a quiet ride.

Case Study: Reducing Noise and Vibration for a High-end Manufacturer of Blenders

Reducing Noise and Vibration for a High-end Manufacturer of Blenders

A high-end blender manufacturer for home and commercial use contacted us to find a foam insert to reduce vibration and noise. Will it blend quietly? Yes, it will!

View Our Technical Data Sheets

We offer access to a sampling of over 50 free technical datasheets, so you know the exact specifications of our noise, temperature, and vibration solutions.

The Solution Process

You Have a Problem

You have a challenge, whether it’s with a new or an existing product.

Collaborate With Us

You bring us your project, and together, we find the right solution.

The Success is Yours

You get a solution that is more functional, less costly to assemble, and longer-lasting.

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