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Supplier Performance

About Polymer Technologies

Polymer Technologies recognizes the importance of maintaining the highest level of quality standards. We are dedicated to becoming a preferred manufacturer for customers through achieving total customer satisfaction in an environment of prevention and continual improvement. This is evidenced by our achievement of ISO/AS certification for our Quality Management System and by accountable and responsible employees and suppliers working together to ensure satisfaction of internal and external customers.

As we are 100% committed to our continual compliance with our ISO/AS Quality Management System Certification, we expect and require the same dedication to quality from our supplier network.

Please read our Supplier Quality System Requirements Manual for an explanation of our standards and requirements. This manual outlines the activities required by our system such as product design, manufacturing, quality, and more. The manual may also be referenced on contractual agreements and purchase orders as required by Polymer Technologies.

In addition, Polymer Technologies will be using the guidelines defined in the manual to generate Supplier Performance Reports, which track and report product quality, on-time delivery, and customer service. This information will be used as a tool by Polymer Technologies’ Purchasing and Quality Assurance personnel to monitor our suppliers and continually develop a superior supplier base.

The manual and form can be downloaded by viewing the SQSR Manual and Form.

It is important that you have a key member of your staff review the manual completely and to return your signed copy of the acknowledge page and ISO/AS certificate to mike@polytechinc.com.

Supplier Sourcing Requirements

Looking to Become a Supplier for Polymer Technologies?

When a potential supplier is identified, the Polymer Technologies Purchasing Agent will forward a Supplier Questionnaire and Supplier’s Quality Systems Requirements Handbook to the supplier- we don’t send this to suppliers. Is this a change.  The SQSR applies to Aerospace suppliers. The evaluation includes general information regarding the supplier’s personnel, facilities, and manufacturing capabilities. The minimum requirement to become a supplier to PTI is ISO 9001 certification.

If the supplier does not meet this minimum requirement, the supplier can be added or retained as an approved supplier only with management approval.  An on-site quality audit may also be conducted. When the supplier is on the Approved Supplier List, the purchasing agent may proceed with normal purchasing activities with the supplier.

The supplier is requested to complete the questionnaire and return it to the Purchasing Agent for review along with a copy of the current ISO registration certificate from an accredited third party registrar. A signed acknowledgement of receipt should be returned to Polymer Technologies’ Quality Manager. In the event that a customer requires the use of a specific supplier that does not meet the minimum Polymer Technologies requirements, the Purchasing Agent may add the supplier to the Approved Supplier List (identified as Customer Designated) in accordance with our criteria.  

If you’re interested in becoming one of our valued suppliers

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