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Custom Foam Solutions for Mass Transportation

Industry Applications: Thermal, Acoustic, and Vibration

Polymer Technologies’ insulation materials have been used for many years in the engine compartments, ceilings, walls, and flooring of buses and railcars. Over the last decade, many of our materials have been used to comply with the more stringent requirements of Federal Transit Authority Docket 90, which calls for greater flame resistance, lower smoke generation, and lower toxicity emissions of materials used in these applications.

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Insulation for Engine Compartments and Firewalls

Acoustic Insulation for Engine Compartments

Polymer produces a variety of products that are used in the mass transportation industry for insulating engine compartments and firewalls.  These products include POLYDAMP® acoustical foams and POLYDAMP® acoustical foam barrier composites; urethane and vinyl-based materials for where motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSS-302) are required.

For more information on these specific solutions, please see our Find Your Solution page!

Acoustic Insulation for Rail and Bus

Acoustic Insulation for Bus

For rail and bus insulation requiring Docket 90 compliant materials, Polymer produces POLYDAMP® Melamine foams and POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine foams.  These products are produced with and without POLYDAMP® acoustical barriers and facings.   

POLYDAMP® materials can be tuned to specific frequencies or temperature requirements within the area.  This focuses on retaining the noise, reducing transmission loss, and thus reducing the noise penetrating into the passenger compartment or to passersby.

When resonance within the structure is evident, Polymer also provides extensional dampers with varying degrees of flame retardant.  As with all noise control applications, gaskets should be used to seal any acoustical leaks, holes, or gaps.

For more information on these specific solutions, please see our Find Your Solution page!

Insulation for Walls and Ceilings

Thermal Insulation Materials

Polymer produces Docket 90 compliant POLYDAMP® Melamine and Hydrophobic Melamine foams with and without film facings for acoustical and thermal control in walls and HVAC ducting.  POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine foam (PHM) is more water repellent than the traditionally used standard POLYDAMP® Melamine foam.  This foam material also offers safety over long term use.  POLYDAMP® foams have a lower weight than fiberglass materials that have traditionally been used in railcars and buses. 

Film facings include reinforced aluminum foil and other Docket 90 compliant films for additional durability and thermal resistance.

For more information on these specific solutions, please see our Find Your Solution page!

Acoustic Insulation for Flooring

Noise Insulation Materials

POLYDAMP® Acoustical Barriers and Extensional Damping Materials can be used to reduce the transmission of road noise from wheels and flooring structures. These products are available in both Docket 90 and FMVSS302 formulations.

For more information on these specific products, please see our POLYFORM® Acoustical Foam/Barriers/Damping/Vibration Isolation pages or visit our Find Your Solution page.

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