Noise Reduction & Thermal Energy Management

Polymer Technologies is a leading manufacturer of noise reduction materials/molded foam products in the acoustical and thermal composites industry. Our cutting-edge technology is the foremost solution used in several industries:

  • Medical
  • Power Generation
  • Aircraft/Aerospace
  • Agriculture/Construction
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • Recreational Equipment

Founded in 1989, Polymer Technologies has been dedicated to providing superior engineering and world-class customer service for over two decades. Our custom composites and molded foams are ideally formulated for noise reduction and thermal energy management, and have consistently been the top choice of several of the world's most respected corporations.

Quality Molded Foam Products & Custom Composites

Our philosophy is to be a consistently reliable resource for our customers, and to develop close working relationships with them in the process. We strive to deliver custom-engineered composites that add value and provide a competitive edge for our customers.

The range of our noise reduction and thermal composites is vast, and our molded foam solutions are unlimited. We are not restricted to basic polymers and components that we produce ourselves. We partner with many industry-leading material manufacturers and chemical companies to bring our customers the best possible composites at the most cost-efficient prices.

That is why customers continue to rely on Polymer Technologies. We deliver innovative high-performance engineering with a non-biased approach to materials. In addition, our strong commitment to ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards insures consistent quality products with each shipment.

The Polymer Technologies Team

Our most valuable resource is our group of hardworking, dedicated employees. Our team of industry experts continues to revolutionize the noise reduction industry through the development of advanced solutions, and our engineers are consistently developing better, more efficient molded foam composites and thermal energy management materials.

To learn more about what Polymer Technologies can do for your company!

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