Jarred Prybutok

President & COO

Jeremy Dayton

Jarred Prybutok is the President and COO here at Polymer. Jarred graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Philosophy which offered him skills which he uses today to solve problems and empower employees. As the son of President and CEO Robert Prybutok, Jarred began learning about acoustics and materials for controlling noise from his father at an early age and has expanded his knowledge in manufacturing through the study and application of six sigma and lean manufacturing concepts.

Throughout his time at Polymer, Jarred has held various roles. He began his career with the company more than 20 years ago packaging insulation on the production floor as part of the Shipping Department, and later moved into manufacturing. While studying in college, Jarred also worked in Polymer’s Sample Department, and transitioned to a role in Sales upon graduating. Jarred then spent a period of time working as a Project Manager, before being promoted to Executive Vice President of Operations.

In his current role Jarred is responsible for overseeing the operations, and the quality and production of Polymer’s processes and products. While no day is the same for Jarred, his greatest task is trying to remove roadblocks in processes to ensure that staff members can perform their jobs as efficiently as possible. He’s always evaluating and dissecting processes, trying to remove any non-valued activity or looking for work that can be done in a better manner. All in all, Jarred works hard to make the processes Polymer has in place more efficient, and a big part of that is letting employees know they matter.

Jarred’s favorite part of his job is the people he gets to work with every day. Jarred relies on his creativity and ability to think outside the box when it comes to improving Polymer’s processes. He is not afraid to change any process that Polymer has in place, no matter how long we’ve been doing it. He loves talking to the staff about processes and hearing their thoughts and ideas about how they believe they could be more efficient in their role. Jarred is a huge proponent for real-time reporting of metrics on quality, delivery, and equipment performance, so that he can not only measure the effectiveness of processes, but so employees can see how they contribute to Polymer.

Jarred’s vision for Polymer is to continually keep improving upon processes. Along with this, he also strives to keep increasing the ease of doing business with Polymer Technologies. He works to accomplish these goals by working to continue offering seamless customer services, bringing in new equipment, and investing in products and technologies. Jarred wants manufacturing companies to see Polymer as not just a supplier, but an extension of their own manufacturing process, and as a company that will do whatever it takes to meet customer requirements and emergency needs so they can succeed.

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