Creating innovative energy management materials

You're in control of noise, vibration, and temperature.

Air and Fluid Transfer Solutions

Custom Solutions for Noise Reduction, Vibration Isolation, Thermal Insulation, and Air & Fluid Transmission

We are a trusted manufacturer of products engineered to manage acoustic and thermal energies, structural vibration, and air and fluid transmission. You can choose from our extensive catalogue of readily-available standard products, or we can work together to create a custom-designed solution that meets your specific needs. Our selection of innovative materials includes hydrophobic melamine foams, elastomeric mounts, and custom molded foams that control vibration, noise, and temperature. All solutions are engineered with your production processes and assembly operations in mind to ensure your solution improves your product functionality, efficiency, and bottom line margins.

Featured Solutions for Energy Management

Leading the industry in insulation, custom molded foam, and elastomer manufacturing.

SquishyFlex mounts for vibration isolation for manufacturers

SquishyFlex® Anti-Vibration Mounts

Polydamp foam materials for temperature control and noise reduction

POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine

POLYFORM Molded Foam

POLYFORM® Molded Foam

ArmorFlex   mounts for vibration isolation

ArmorFlex® Anti-Vibration Mounts

The Solution Process

You Have a Problem

You have a challenge, whether it’s with a new or an existing product.

Collaborate With Us

You bring us your project and together we find the right solution.

The Success is Yours

You get a solution that is more functional, less costly to assemble, and longer lasting.

View Our Technical Datasheets

We offer access to a sampling of over 50 product-specific technical data sheets so you know the exact specifications of our noise, temperature, and vibration solutions.

3 step guide

Learn the Secrets to More Profitable Purchasing

eGuide: Make your purchasing division more profitable in 3 steps

We work closely with purchasing departments every day, and we understand their struggles when it comes to finding the right materials. In this eGuide, we offer some tips based on our experiences that have helped us work together with companies in the past, and we’d like to share it with you.

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