Jeremy Dayton

Executive Vice President

Jeremy Dayton

Dedicated Jack of All Trades

Jeremy Dayton, or JD as everyone here at Polymer calls him, is currently our EVP of Sales and Marketing. JD attended Wilmington College and Kennedy-Western University, completing his degree and obtaining a BA in Finance. Jeremy has been a long time employee of ours, exhibiting excellence and innovation throughout his 16+ year career at Polymer.

Initially starting at Polymer Technologies as a Sales Engineer, JD worked his way through the ranks and eventually stepped into the title of Program Director of Aerospace. In 2009, JD was promoted to EVP of Sales and Marketing because of the excellence and skill that he displayed in the area of sales and marketing.

JD is our jack of all trades and because of that, he interacts heavily with every part of the Polymer team. During his daily activities, JD deals directly with the sales team, including customer service reps, inside sales engineers, and regional managers. He is also actively involved in many of our company’s teams including the purchasing management, technical management, production management, and quality management teams.

Manager to Champions

JD has learned a few things in his years of managing Polymer team members. He likes to break down goals into short, mid, and long term objectives and then tackle each aspect in his daily activities, focusing on what is most critical to Polymer’s success. Much of his time is spent managing situations, crises, and circumstances involving associates, partners, and customers. He is an expert at effectively addressing each aspect of his job while not neglecting corporate objectives – something that requires excellent discipline and often times creative time management.

JD trusts his team immensely, never micro-managing but rather allowing his team members the freedom to prioritize daily activities and tactics. His team is self-motivated and has a competitive drive that is filled with positivity – a trait we also see exemplified in JD.

Depth of Knowledge

One of JD’s strongest skills is the depth and breadth of knowledge he has on our product line. He has spent years working with our products, customer base, and target markets; because of this, JD is one of our most knowledgeable team members. His critical thinking and decisive actions help us aggressively pursue new applications and opportunities.

One of JD’s favorite quotes perfectly exemplifies why he is an incredible person, employee, and family man – "Outcomes and life are greatly affected by your attitude and general perspective. The day is what you make of it."

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