Jeremy Dayton

Executive Vice President

Jeremy Dayton

Jeremy Dayton, or JD as everyone here at Polymer calls him, is our EVP of Sales and Marketing. JD attended Wilmington College and Kennedy-Western University, completing his bachelor’s degree in Finance. Jeremy has been a long-time employee of ours, exhibiting excellence and innovation since 1997.

Initially starting at Polymer Technologies as a Sales Engineer, JD worked his way through the ranks and eventually stepped into the title of Program Director of Aerospace. In 2009, JD was promoted to EVP of Sales and Marketing because of the leadership, excellence, and skill that he displayed in sales and marketing.

Jeremy interacts heavily with every part of the sales team, including customer service reps, inside sales, territory managers, and manufacturing representatives. He is also actively involved with other departments, including purchasing, technical, production, and quality.

With a demonstrated history of working in the Noise, Vibration, Temperature and Fluid control industry, JD is a true asset to Polymer’s clients, often working with Territory Managers and Technical department to develop custom solutions to meet program goals, applying expertise in acoustics, thermal dynamics, and the application of Polymer’s material solutions acquired over decades.

Outside of business, JD is a dedicated husband and father, enjoys the outdoors, exercise, playing soccer, and beach vacations with family.

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