Hose Heat Wrap Case Study

Protecting Polymer Hoses in Heavy-Duty Engines from High Temperatures

The Problem: Withstanding Heat from Engines

Heavy-duty engines

Heavy-duty engines are necessary to keep industries powering along, but they can create some unforeseen issues. An original equipment manufacturer of engines and generators came to us with a problem: the hoses coupled on the hot side of their diesel engine were not holding up under the heat.

The temperatures in the engine compartment exceed the hose material limitations, causing it to fail, which could mean disaster for the manufacturer. Our experts were familiar with the manufacturer’s industry and needs, so when they asked us to help, we already had a few possible ideas in mind to help solve their problem.

The Solution: HS-0035-ALV Heat Wrap


Our thermal experts reviewed the manufacturer’s hose material. Initially, we discussed making the hose out of steel to withstand the high temperatures from the engine. Traditional polymer hoses offered a more light-weight and economic advantage to metal hoses, however, so our team started testing heat wrap materials.


After thoroughly testing, our team found that our heat shield materials were able to withstand up to 1000F in localized areas. We developed a thin, adhesive heat wrap to meet the manufacturer’s needs. When wrapped and securely glued around a polymer hose, the heat shield prevented the plastic from melting under intense temperatures.

Our heat shield application withstood not only the heat produced from the engine but even routine pressure washing.

Final Result: Improved Temperature Reflection

Our specialized heat shield materials helped the manufacturer prevent hose failure and improve the life and functionality of their engines. Applying our heat wrap materials to polymer hoses is simple and effective due to the adhesive backing. By calling on the energy management experts, we were able to help the manufacturer by providing a smooth and cost-effective solution to improve their engines and prevent problems with polymer hoses due to high temperatures.

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