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Improved Look & Reduced Costs for Boiler Cover Wrap

Description of the Problem: Subpar Cover Wraps for Boilers – Hydronic Boiler Systems

A manufacturer of industrial tank-less boiler systems approached Polymer Technologies with a problem related to their manufacturing and installation process. The client was constantly experiencing unacceptable results and poor aesthetics due to current installation procedures and material choice.

The client’s material vendor provided presized and precut boiler cover wrap material but due to an inferior edge-wrapped sealing system, the material would frequently tear apart when installed.  This caused the end product to look displeasing and increased project costs due to scrappage of damaged materials. The vendor was unable to improve their product, leading the boiler manufacturer to approach Polymer for support.   

Polymer's Process: Finding the Right Materials for the Job

After discussing the goals of the project with our client’s manufacturing team, it was decided that Polymer would create a similar material to the one the client was using; however, Polymer’s material would include a custom facing that was aesthetically pleasing.

The chosen material was a closed cell foam of 0.5’’ thickness covered on one side with the PLFS-CC-050-BRV Facing.  To aid installation, the foam would adhere to the tanks using a 3’’ wide, easy-install, edge seal tape.

Final Results: Streamlined Installation with Cost Savings

PTI resolved all aspects of the Issue in the following ways:

  1. Engineered a more rugged, yet aesthetic facing
  2. Designed and engineered an aesthetic and easy to install edge seal tape
    1. Manufactured a unique 3" wide Edge Sealing Tape - Utilizing the facing and PSA, 1/2 of the back of the tape had release liner and the other 1/2 was applied to the wrap's facing
    2. Once the composite was wrapped and edges matched the release, the liner was pulled off and the tape was sealed to the facing, giving it a positive seal that was also aesthetically pleasing.
  3. Polymer’s design lowered the material and labor cost significantly          

Polymer is now a Trusted Supplier of our client due to the ability to proactively respond with innovative methods and materials.  Polymer is now working on other projects with the client that will produce greater savings and therefore, more market share.

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