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Polymer Technologies Inc.® Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Once just an entrepreneurial business, Polymer Technologies now celebrates 25 years of technological expertise, innovation, and industry leadership.

NEWARK, DE—A leading manufacturer of noise reduction materials, thermal composites and molded foam products for the manufacturing industry, Polymer Technologies Inc. celebrates a quarter century of technological innovation and superior engineering. Polymer Technologies' cutting-edge industrial technology is the foremost solution for the aerospace, transportation, construction, emergency vehicle, and medical industries.

"Polymer Technologies has grown from a humble, Delaware-based manufacturing company in the noise and thermal control market to one of the largest, most diversified, and cutting-edge companies in our industry," said, Robert Prybutok, Founder and CEO of Polymer Technologies. "We are constantly developing ways to expand our product and technology offerings to our customers and prospects."

Since opening their doors in 1989, Polymer Technologies has flourished into a leading supplier and technological innovator for the medical, aerospace, construction, and transportation industries, including major manufacturers such as Boeing. With decades of million dollar projects successfully delivered to Boeing, Polymer Technologies is proud that every Boeing aircraft produced since 2006 is made with Polymer Technologies' PHM material.

With innovation at its forefront, Polymer Technologies' journey to 25 years of exceptional customer service and technological leadership includes several milestones:

  • Polymer's first milestone immediately propelled them to success – supplying the insulation for the primary dredge in the Panama Canal. It was a six figure contract that Polymer Technologies won due to its superior product quality, relentless technical response, and the support of the engineers' who created a viable solution.
  • As Polymer Technologies expanded, attaining ISO 9001 quality certification was a significant milestone and the first step in achieving recognition for the quality of their products. Today, Polymer Technologies is certified for ISO, AS (Aircraft), TS for automotive/ truck/ engine, and ISO 14001 - an environmental standard.
  • In 2000, the company introduced POLYDAMP® Hydrophobic Melamine foam to Boeing. In 2006, Boeing released a specification written around Polymer's material. Today, Polymer Technologies' material can be found in all Boeing commercial jets produced since 2006. Polymer Technologies holds a Boeing Performance Excellence Award, an honor bestowed upon suppliers who have achieved superior performance.
  • In 2004, Polymer Technologies expanded their portfolio by opening a new division in New Jersey that focuses on custom molded products: Polymer Molded Products. The capability to produce three-dimensional composites with synergistic thermal acoustical properties offered its customers a broader array of design solutions and enhanced the company's value to its market.
  • By 2013, Polymer Technologies is, and still remains, a major composite materials supplier to the antimicrobial coatings market – a market predicted to soar to $2.9 billion in the next four years.
  • Currently, Polymer Technologies employs 110 full-time engineers, professionals, and experts while maintaining a state-of-the-art facility complete with a cutting-edge testing lab.

Reflecting upon the anniversary, Prybutok states: "The past 25 years have been a journey of discovery, milestones, hard work, and celebration. Most importantly it has been a journey to provide opportunities for our entire Polymer Technologies family to grow, share common goals, and maintain incredible energy." With Polymer Technologies maintaining its steady growth, they are continuing to create more technological innovation in the multibillion-dollar manufacturing and antimicrobial materials markets.


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May, 2014

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Robert Prybutok founded Polymer Technologies in 1989. In the years since its inception, Polymer Technologies has grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of noise control and energy management composites within the United States. Products are sold to a broad range of industries including aerospace, military, medical, power generation, and transportation. Polymer Technologies employs more than 110 full-time employees at its 87,000-square-foot headquarters and manufacturing facility in Newark, DE.

Polymer Technologies is a dynamic manufacturing company in the acoustical and thermal composites industry. Their mission is to develop close relationships with customers while serving as an invaluable manufacturing resource.

The Polymer team includes experts with years of applied industry experience who work diligently to help customers find new ways to employ material technology. The result: more efficient solutions that improve performance and bottom-line margins.

For more information, visit www.polytechinc.com or call (800) 850-9001.

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