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Elastomeric Solutions: Acquisition Announcement

June 18, 2014

Polymer Technologies, Inc. has just expanded its technical and product capabilities with the acquisition of Engineered Plastics Solutions Group assets.  EPSG engineers custom solutions for isolation mount and elastomeric applications.  They also offer a range of standard commercial isolation mounts.

Erik Larson and Rick Nie as well as their entire staff will join the Polymer Technologies, Inc. organization.  There is a high degree of synergy between the products and technology of EPSG and Polymer Technologies.  The business unit will be known as the Elastomeric Solutions division of Polymer Technologies Inc.

The addition of the technical and product capabilities of EPSG to Polymer Technologies Inc. and Polymer Molded Products expands our corporate capability to the broadest within our industry.  This acquisition will allow us to support our customers design requirements in most areas of noise, vibration, heat and now, isolation.   

In addition to excellent technology and an in depth understanding of Isolation and elastomers, EPSG brings Polymer a significant three dimensional design capability.  As we work with customers to tackle their isolation challenges we can model the solutions to directly fit customers three dimensional design needs.                                                                                         

We appreciate the excellent relationship we have developed with our broad customer base and are confident our expanded product line will have direct application in improving the products our customers produce.


Robert Prybutok

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