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Polymer Technologies, Inc.® Introduces Perforating Press to Line-Up of Dynamic Manufacturing Offerings for the Acoustical and Thermal Composites Industry

This large, high-performance piece of machinery aides in insulation installation and helps eliminate trapped air resulting in unrivaled project excellence.

NEWARK, DE—Polymer Technologies, Inc. the most dynamic manufacturing company in the acoustical and thermal composites industry, has recently upgraded its state-of-the art manufacturing offerings with the addition of a perforating press.

The perforating press is the latest addition to the Polymer Technologies equipment line-up.  This large, high-performance piece of equipment easily punctures Polymer's line of foams with or without facing/backing.  Delivering speeds up to 10 strokes per minute, tools may be purchased to provide a variety of patterns, with 1/8" holes on 2" patterns available currently.  The perforating process aids in insulation installation and helps eliminate the possibility of air being trapped behind the insulation.

"Polymer Technologies is dedicated to providing our customers the highest quality acoustical and thermal composites," said Jennifer Stewart, Marketing & Media Specialist for Polymer Technologies.  "The addition of the perforating press to our roster of machinery allows us to perform unrivaled installation of our insulation parts ensuring completed projects achieve superior results."

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November 27, 2012

Press Contact:
Jennifer Stewart
Polymer Technologies, Inc.
(206) 322-7658
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Robert Prybutok founded Polymer Technologies in 1989. In the years since its inception, Polymer Technologies has grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of noise control and energy management composites within the United States. Products are sold to a broad range of industries including aerospace, military, medical, power generation, and transportation. Polymer Technologies employs more than 110 full-time employees at its 87,000-square-foot headquarters and manufacturing facility in Newark, DE.

Polymer Technologies is a dynamic manufacturing company in the acoustical and thermal composites industry. Their mission is to develop close relationships with customers while serving as an invaluable manufacturing resource.

The Polymer team includes experts with years of applied industry experience who work diligently to help customers find new ways to employ material technology. The result: more efficient solutions that improve performance and bottom-line margins.

For more information, visit www.polytechinc.com or call (800) 850-9001.

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