Polymer Technologies, Inc. Introduces Two New Lines of Anti-Vibration Mounts

ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex® to revolutionize the way equipment manufacturers manage vibration

Newark, DE—October 17, 2016—Polymer Technologies Inc., a leading manufacturing company in the acoustical/thermal composite and vibration isolation industry, today announces the release of two new lines of anti-vibration engine mounts, ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex®.

Manufacturers of generators, compressors, trucks, buses, off-highway equipment, construction equipment, and marine engines can use ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex® mounts to combat the effects of excessive vibration. The mounts are durable in rugged applications involving exposure to all forms of harsh weather, and they are drip-proof from oils and chemicals. Additional benefits include a low natural frequency of 8-10Hz and maximum transmissibility of 10 at resonance.

“We understand the challenges manufacturers face and are always looking for elastomeric solutions that offer superior performance while helping our customers cut costs. We’re excited for the launch of ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex®, our latest innovations, and look forward to future technology and product releases,” says Rick Nie, Vice President of Sales for the dynamic Elastomeric Solutions Division (ESD) of Polymer Technologies. ESD develops and supplies parts that isolate shock and vibration in equipment such as generators, appliances, military electronics, vehicle engines, cooling systems, and more.

ArmorFlex® is designed with an ideal axial to radial spring rate ratio for engines, generators, and compressors. Prior to the release of ArmorFlex®, U.S. distribution of this style of isolator was extremely limited, although similar mounts were available for purchase overseas. Consumers faced drastically increased costs and extended wait times on shipping. Now, the mounts are available for purchase in the U.S. at more affordable prices.

SquishyFlex® is similar to ArmorFlex® in its construction and applications but offers three different spring rates instead of two. The ratios of these spring rates are optimized for engine and generator mounting, particularly in mobile applications.

ArmorFlex® and SquishyFlex® are easily installed and fail-safe: in the event of a catastrophic failure where the rubber is pulled beyond capacity, breaks or deteriorates, the mounts remain captured, and the isolated system will not become a projectile. This is very important for mobile applications like towable generators and vehicle engine mounting.

For more information about ArmorFlex® or SquishyFlex® or other elastomeric and vibration isolation solutions, please visit www.polytechinc.com or call 1-800-850-9001.

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October 17, 2016

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Robert Prybutok founded Polymer Technologies in 1989. In the years since its inception, Polymer Technologies has grown to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of noise control and energy management composites within the United States. Products are sold to a broad range of industries including aerospace, military, medical, power generation, and transportation. Polymer Technologies employs more than 110 full-time employees at its 87,000-square-foot headquarters and manufacturing facility in Newark, DE.

The mission of Polymer Technologies is to develop close relationships with customers while serving as an invaluable manufacturing resource. The Polymer team includes experts with years of applied industry experience who work diligently to help customers find new ways to employ material technology. The result: more efficient solutions that improve performance and bottom-line margins.

For more information, visit www.polytechinc.com or call (800) 850-9001.

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